Why do you need my credit card information if I'm on the legacy Starter plan?

As of January 28, 2021, ShippingEasy's legacy free starter plan will no longer be available. ShippingEasy subscribers using the legacy free starter plan will continue with no charge. This free option is not available to new subscribers.

We ask for your credit card at sign up and keep it stored within your SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING settings for a few reasons:

Faster account set-up.

When registering your ShippingEasy account, we'll automatically create a free One Balance account for you. One Balance is powered by Stamps.com, where your credit card data will be stored within their secure site, and use this billing information to replenish your postage balance. Here are some of our most popular articles about One Balance:

Small businesses grow.

And we want to be there when you do! Once you start shipping more than 50 packages a month, you will receive a notice that your account has reached its limit. Having a valid credit card will allow you to upgrade to Basic at the click of a button.

Insure your shipments.

We partner with Shipsurance to provide competitively priced insurance with a no-hassle claim process. If you choose to insure your shipments via Shipsurance, we'll bill this to the credit card on file. A valid credit card ensures that you can insure your shipments. Here are some of our most popular articles about shipment insurance:


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