How to: Update my billing information if my credit card expires

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If your credit card is approaching it's expiration date, you will want to update ShippingEasy and your shipping providers with your new billing information to avoid any interruption in service.  

NOTE: ShippingEasy bills for monthly subscription fees (plus applicable taxes, if any) and Shipsurance purchases, Endicia bills for postage balance purchases.  Learn more about how you are billed for ShippingEasy's services.
To update billing with Endicia, visit our guide: How to: Update my Endicia account billing details

If the card has already expired, you will be taken directly to the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page upon login. You will not be able to use the app until you've entered data for a valid credit card.

It's easy to update your billing information in ShippingEasy:

  1. If the card is not yet expired, go to SETTINGS page from the navigation menu.  Then select SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING from the ACCOUNT SETTINGS subsection.

  2. Once on the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page, scroll down and select Change Payment Method.

  3. Add your new information and select Update Billing Information.


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