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For our Basic ($29/mo) and above plans, ShippingEasy allows you to schedule a downgrade at any time in just a few steps. Downgrading your plan will decrease the number of labels you can ship each month however if you end up shipping over the number of labels on your plan you will be automatically upgraded.

Attention LuLaRoe Retailers: The LuLaRoe BLESS plan cannot be downgraded.
Learn more about the LuLaRoe BLESS plan.

Downgrading may also mean you lose additional features and forms of support. Learn more about the differences between each plan.

  1. To downgrade your plan, navigate to the SETTINGS page from anywhere in your account.
  3. On the Plan Selection tab, below your Subscription Summary, you will see a button titled Change My Plan. To downgrade, click the button.
  4. You will be taken to another page listing all of the ShippingEasy Subscription Plans available to choose from. To downgrade, select the plan to the left of your current plan by clicking the Downgrade button at the bottom. When you make your new selection, you will be provided an opportunity to purchased currently used add-ons that may not be included with your new plan selection.
  5. You may also wish to manage your "Add Ons" directly. You can do that on the Plan Selection tab, then scrolling down under the Available Add-ons section.

Given monthly subscriptions are billed in advance, the change in plan type will go into effect on the first day of your next billing period, allowing you to extract full value from the plan type paid for the current month.

ShippingEasy does not auto-downgrade accounts based on shifts in volume.

If you have previously subscribed to the Annual Prepay option, you will be unable to downgrade until the start of your next billing cycle - at the end of your billing year.


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