What to do if the link to activate my user account doesn't work?

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Admin users have the option to add additional users to a ShippingEasy account. When an additional user is created by an admin user, an activation email is sent. This activation emails contains a time sensitive link. So, if you find that the link contained in the activation email is not working, it might be that the link has expired.

In this case, you can resend the activation email with a new, working link.  Just follow these simple steps:  

  1. From the SETTINGS tab, navigate to USERS.


  2. Locate the new user.

  3. Click the envelope icon to the right of the users name.

    NOTE: once a user has successfully setup their login, the envelope icon will disappear.
  4. Have the new user check their email inbox and follow the new link to complete their user setup.


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