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Creating a multi-tenant team is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency of any shipping operation. This opens up the option to designate a specific address to each user, create individualized work stations with unique hardware configurations, and assign orders to specific team members automatically.  

If your plan does not already include an additional User, you'll need to update your subscription. Learn more.

To add additional user log-ins:

  1. From the navigation bar, click the SETTINGS icon.
  2. From there, click on the word USERS under the ACCOUNT SETTINGS column.
  3. Click the Add New button.
  4. Fill in the users First Name, Last Name and Email address. Select or unselect the account permissions you would like the user to have access to.

  5. Then click Invite User.
  6. An email will be sent to the account owner and the email specified in the new user profile. Click on the link to set up a new account.
    The link is time sensitive.  See our tips for dealing with expired links.
  7. By clicking the link you'll be directed to the following page. Enter your name and create a password then click Activate Account. You're now a new user!


Resend New User Email

If the initial email got caught by a spam filter or the email address was not setup yet at the time the invitation was sent, you can easily resend it! 

Simply click the envelope icon to the right of the users name and that's it!


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