Add an Additional User to my Subscription | How To

ShippingEasy grows as your business grows, offering the option to add additional services that make managing your orders and customer relations effortless. If your employee base has grown since your first signed up, you can add additional users to your account. No matter the size of your team - one to 100 - ShippingEasy can accommodate having multiple users. Learn more about the tools available to accounts with multiple user logins.

Each plan includes a specified number of accounts and you can always add more at an a-la-cart price (plus applicable taxes, if any). Check out how many are included in your plan.

If your plan already includes the exact number of users you need, you are ready to register each user - take a look at our set up guide.

If you need to add additional users to your subscription, follow these steps:

To add additional users to your subscription

  1. Navigate to the SETTINGS page. Click on SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING under ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

  2. Under the 'Plan Selection' tab, scroll down to the "Add Ons" section. Click the link Change to update the number of users.
  3. Select from the drop down menu the number of users you'd like to add and then click Save.
  4. You'll notice your "Subscription Summary" changes to reflect your selection.
  5. Now you're ready to set up your new user login - take a look at our set up guide.


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