What do the USPS tracking status updates mean?

The following table is a list of the most common USPS tracking statuses and their meanings, according to the USPS website. You can also locate the tracking status for any USPS shipment at their website: USPS Track & Confirm

If the status has not changed after the shipment has been delivered, it could be that the parcel entered the mail stream before its postmark date.

While post-dating labels are okay, be aware that if you post-date the label, hand the parcel to the USPS before the postmark date and they place it in the mail stream, the tracking will not be accurate.

Tracking in ShippingEasy:

ShippingEasy uses USPS tracking information to track USPS shipments on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.

USPS Tracking Statuses Explained:

USPS Status Description ShippingEasy

Electronic Shipping Info Received

This scan indicates that the shipper has notified the Postal Service that they intend to submit the item for processing and delivery.

When a USPS service with delivery confirmation is purchased from ShippingEasy, this status is sent to USPS at 9 pm PST each night.

Before the tracking information is sent, the tracking page may show "Not Found." This is to be expected. Once the information is sent, you may notice the tracking page indicates "Pre-shipment" with a "Label Created" time.

Using a USPS SCAN form will initiate this status update sooner. Learn more about SCAN forms.




This scan indicates that a Postal Service employee has accepted the item at a Post Office and/or that the carrier has picked up the item at a customer's residence/business.



Processed Through Sort Facility

This scan indicates that the item has processed through and left a Postal Service processing facility. 



Departed from the USPS Facility

This scan indicates that the package has been processed and is currently in transit to the destination.



In Transit

This scan indicates:

  • In transit - arrive at sort facility
  • In transit - processed
  • In transit - depart sort facility

For these packages, tracking on the USPS website will show when a package is in transit and expected to arrive by the delivery date shown with: “In-Transit, Arriving On Time.”

If a package will be delivered later than expected, you will see this message: “In-Transit, Arriving Late.”



Arrival at Unit

This scan indicates that the item was scanned at the final postal unit where delivery of the item will take place. scanned_in_route_360.png  


This scan indicates that the item has been given to a carrier for delivery to its final destination or placed in the customer's Post Office Box.




This scan indicates that the item has been picked up by or delivered to the final recipient. Delivery Confirmation emails can be configured to automatically notify you and your customers that their order has been delivered. Learn more about delivery confirmation emails. delivered_360.png  


This scan indicates that the tracking cannot be identified correctly. Learn more about this tracking status




This scan indicates that the item has been forwarded to a different address. This is due to forwarding instructions or because the address or ZIP Code on the item was incorrect.


Processing Complete This scan indicates, for Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation, and Express Mail services, that the item has arrived at the Post Office for delivery.    

Notice Left

This scan indicates that the item is ready for pickup at the Post Office. If it is unclaimed after a certain number of days it will be returned to the sender.




This scan indicates that the item was refused by the recipient at the final delivery address and will be returned to the sender.    



I ordered online and they sent me a tracking code , my package went through globelistics and then into USPS but i cannot track my order in USPS so i dont know if its shipped yet or not.

Its an international order , from LAX to KOSOVO , and i cannot track it or know if it left USA.

Please help me 

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Hi there,

It looks like USPS doesn't offer tracking to that destination. I would recommend reaching out to USPS for more information on the status of that package. I have left an article we have that shows what countries will provide tracking to their destinations with USPS.


I hope this helps!

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ordered a ring from Vietnam. got tracking number TR185054849VN. can not track in usa. hanoind tracking says it is in my city but no one can find it or use the tracking number to look it up. the post office was even unable to track it with tracking number. seems only Vietnam can track and not sure where they get their info.

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Hi Sandy!

Thanks for your question.

We aren't officially connected with USPS, so, unfortunately, we don't have access to tracking information and I am not certain where Vietnam gets their tracking from.  Since this is not an order  that was created on ShippingEasy, I don't really have any other details. Have you tried reaching out to the company or seller you purchased the item from?

If the order was shipped FROM the US to Vietnam, it does look like USPS will provide some tracking to Vietnam, via Ecompro, but not when it originates outside the US.

I hope this helps to clarify.


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Amazon has been using USPS a lot since the pandemic started - tracking through Amazon shows items usually ship within 24 hours but once the shipment reaches USPS in Ashland, VA, it takes anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. I live 50 miles from Ashland! The USPS delivery guy could ride a bicycle for deliveries faster. One shipment left New York, took 20 days to get to Los Angeles, then 5 days back to New York before it even got to Virginia!! i hv tracked with this https://usps-track.us/ Somebody needs a refresher on geography!

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Good evening David,

At this time due to COVID-19, the postal service has had a major surge in shipping demand above their normal intake. This is causing delays in shipping with the postal service and results in the tracking you are seeing.

When these types of issues pop up I am afraid the only recourse would be to contact the carrier directly. On our end, we wouldn't have any additional details outside the tracking links for those labels. 

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I sent a package to Vietnam almost 4 weeks ago by USPS. At first I received the updates regularly, mostly everyday. But then when it reached Vietnam, the tracking stopped at "In transit: Processed through facility" since June 24th. It hasn't been updating since then. I don't know what to do at this point. 

Please help me. 

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Hello Sophia,

What I would do is see if you can file a Missing Mail Search for it via USPS if you haven't already to see if they can track it down.


If there was insurance included or added to the package, you can also check into filing a claim.



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I sent a package from corvallis oregon to conway arkansas on the 29th of July with the estimated delivery date being 5th of August. It has been 10 days since the estimated date and I have not received my package yet. The postal service is USPS. All is said on my tracking id was that it will be arriving late but still in transit. I do not have another estimated delivery date or whatsoever.

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Hi Ryan, 

We recommend reaching out to USPS to get more information on the status of the package. 

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