USPS announces new Priority Mail rates on Sept 7th, 2014

The USPS will announce a rate change focused on Priority Mail this Sunday, September 7th. The good news is that this rate change includes a price decrease for those using Priority Mail! ShippingEasy customers will see significant savings automatically across Priority Mail weight classes and zones, particularly for heavier items. If you are on a paid ShippingEasy subscription, you don’t need to do anything, you will just see the rate reductions on the READY TO SHIP page when you get quotes on specific shipments or batches.

If you use other carriers, we recommend that you compare the new USPS rates with your current negotiated rates. This is a good practice on a regular basis regardless – but the savings are so significant that it’s worth doing over the weekend. If you have rules set up on ShippingEasy, those might need updating to reflect new decisions you make as a result of the USPS price reductions.

These charts provide details on the price reductions, average comparisons vs other carriers and overall savings expected based on volume across a 2 month period.

In addition, we highly recommend this more comprehensive information from our partner, Endicia:

RATE REDUCTIONS – CPP Rates across different weights



 Image 2 - Regional Rate options.png



VOLUME CALCULATIONS based on Savings above

Image 4 - Example Savings.png

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