Can I get a refund for Express Mail not delivered on time?

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Priority Mail Express has a guaranteed delivery date that is based on the origin of shipment, time shipped, and the destination.

But what happens if your shipment doesn't arrive in this guaranteed time-frame? You should request a refund! Learn more here. 


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    Stan Weinstock

    This information is not correct and the link is not good anymore.  You can not file a claim for an Express "service failure" postage refund online. 

    Here's the current page -

    And here's what is says:

    Priority Mail Express Postage

    • Priority Mail Express® service comes with a money-back guarantee, subject to the standards for this service.
    • You must request a postage (and Sunday or holiday premium fee and/or the 10:30 am delivery fee, as applicable) refund within 30 days of purchase.
    • You must make your request at your local Post Office™.

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