What is Flat Rate Green and does it relate to cubic pricing?

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ShippingEasy offers our very own volume-based, cubic pricing: Flat Rate Green. These are highly discounted rates for small, heavy packages typically reserved for shippers with volume in excess of 50,000 shipments a year. We're able to make these rates available to shippers of all sizes.

What shipments qualify for Flat Rate Green pricing?

USPS Priority Mail packages weighing between 2 and 20 pounds, measuring 0.50 cubic feet or less, and with the longest dimension not exceeding 18 inches are eligible for Flat Rate Green pricing.

How is the Flat Rate Green price calculated?

The cubic feet measurement for the package is calculated:

[ Length x Width x Height ] / 1728 = Cubic Feet

NOTE: all measurements should be rounded down to the nearest 0.25 inch.

The package will then be assigned one of five tiers:

  • Tier 1: Packages up to 0.10 cubic feet
  • Tier 2: Packages more than 0.10 and up to 0.20 cubic feet
  • Tier 3: Packages more than 0.20 and up to 0.30 cubic feet
  • Tier 4: Packages more than 0.30 and up to 0.40 cubic feet
  • Tier 5: Packages more than 0.40 and up to 0.50 cubic feet

The appropriate zone will be assigned to the shipment. Learn more about zones.

As an example, a 6" x 6" x 6" (Tier 2) package weighing 6 pounds and being shipped to Zone 6 would cost $16.57 using Priority Mail Commercial Plus rates. The same package would cost only $7.91 with Flat Rate Green. That's a 52% savings!

Do I need to select Flat Rate Green pricing from the Carrier Services selections?

No - however, you will need to enter the dimensions for your shipments. Then, we'll automatically evaluate your shipments to determine which rate is less: weight based or volume based (Flat Rate Green) rates. The lower of the two will appear as your Postage cost.

Do I need to use a special box?

No - you may use any box that meets the dimensional requirements: equal or less than 0.50 cubic feet or less, with the longest dimension not exceeding 18 inches.  With one exception, USPS Flat Rate and Regional Rate boxes must be used for the designated services.

How should I enter package dimensions?

We recommend saving your most used packages dimensions - learn more. Though, you can also enter the dimensions on the READY TO SHIP page.

Wherever you enter the dimensions, they will need to be rounded down to the nearest 0.25 inch.

Do all ShippingEasy accounts have access to these rates?

No - Flat Rate Green is only available to subscribers on the Plus plan or higher. If you are currently subscribed to our Starter or Basic plans, learn more about the features available with each plan and how to upgrade.  

Can I be certain that the Flat Rate Green rate is better than the weight-based rate?

Yes! We promise that we're applying the better of the two rates and we’ve added a marker to the Shipping Cost box to make the savings doubly clear.

flat green rate savings.PNG

If the Flat Rate Green price was less than the weight-based priced, we'll show you with a note in the "Shipping Cost" box.  Just hover your mouse over the flat rate green icon to see how much you saved!

If you'd like to dig a little deeper, compare the shipping costs using Flat Rate Green with regular domestic Priority Mail - Commercial Plus rates.


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