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The words "envelopes" and "flats" are used interchangeably at USPS when discussing mail that is slightly larger than regular, letter-sized mail. All large envelope/flats must be rectangular or square-shaped and somewhat flexible. You can find out how USPS determines flexibility by referring to the USPS' guide.

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Size Limits of Large Envelopes / Flats

For your mail to be considered a large envelope/flat and not a letter, it must exceed one or more of the letter-size minimum dimensions listed in the table below.

Dimension  Minimum
Height 6-1/8"
Length 11-1/2"
Thickness 1/4"

For your mail to be considered a large envelope/flat and not a package (parcel) it must not exceed the following criteria:

Dimension Maximum
Height 12"
Length 15"
Thickness 3/4"

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Weight Limits of Large Envelopes / Flats

The maximum weight for large envelopes is 13 ounces. Large envelope/Flats can be shipped via First Class or Priority Mail, however, a large envelope/flat exceeding 13 ounces is classified as a Priority Mail item. 

Large Envelopes/Flats shipped via First Class are not eligible for tracking. Tracking is included when shipped via Priority Mail. Learn more.

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More questions about USPS letters and flats? Check out USPS' Domestic Mail Manual.


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