Why is the postage cost showing on my label?

ShippingEasy offers what is called "Stealth Postage" (hidden postage) on most USPS services. However, there are a few exceptions that prohibit this feature:

  • Large Envelope/Flat package: the charm of this package type is its discounted pricing. However, you have to be prepared to show the postage cost to use it.
  • Destination Brazil: Brazil prohibits the use of stealth postage as the Brazilian customs officials require the amount paid in postage to be clearly-marked on all shipping labels.



When did this change? Do you have a link to the USPS policy that requires it?
I've been using First Class flats for years and just recently noticed the postage cost being printed on the label.

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Stamps.com says nothing of the sort. They say "You can use hidden postage on nearly any kind of mail you need to send – it’s available for all First Class mailings except letters, all Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express and other package services, except for certain kinds of International Mail ineligible for USPS Tracking. You can even use it with such USPS services as USPS Tracking and Signature Confirmation!"

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Hi Geek Sales,

Thank you for your posts.

Our postage provider, Stamps.com, recently updated the Large Envelope/ Flat labels to include the pricing.  The policy has always been the same per the USPS, however, Stamps.com, recently implemented it on their end.  USPS worked with Stamps.com to make the correction. For further questions regarding this, we recommend reaching out to the postage provider, Stamps.com, directly.  Thanks!

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