Do you have hidden or stealth postage?

Yes! We understand it is more important that your customers focus on what's in the package, not how much it cost to ship it!

By default, we provide stealth postage on all domestic USPS services - with one exception. When the "large envelope/flat" package type is selected, the postage cost will be displayed on the label. 

In addition, stealth postage is included on most international shipments. However, some countries such as Brazil, prohibit stealth postage. Be sure to clarify this if you are shipping internationally.


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It would be useful to tell us how to set this up.

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Hello Estelle - The larger label format (4x8) includes the postage costs.  However, the smaller labels do not include this information.  You can edit your label settings by going to SETTINGS > LABELS. Feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team at if we can provide further assistance specific to your account.

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