USPS Parcel Select Ground | Overview

Parcel Select Ground is one of the least expensive - but slowest - USPS services offered.

Sometimes how a package is sent is more important than the timeliness of that delivery. As USPS's ground service, Parcel Select Ground is the best method for shipping items that are not permitted on airplanes.

Parcel Select Ground replaced USPS’ Parcel Post service, created exclusively for shipments booked online. (USPS Retail Ground is for packages sent through a USPS location with the same delivery time frame.)

Best Option When:
You are shipping something that cannot be sent via an air service, or when package dimensions exceed the limits of other services.


Delivery Timeline:

Domestic delivery averages 2-8 business days.

This is not a guaranteed service; delivery may be delayed.

Service Overview:

Packages will be sent by ground.

Combined with longer transit time, the shipment will be jostled and handled more than shipments that are sent through any of the air services offered by the USPS.
Be sure to pack properly.
Confirmation Options:

Delivery confirmation (tracking) is included for free on all domestic shipments. Learn more about Delivery Confirmation.

Additional confirmation options available for an added fee:

Insurance Options:

Insurance is available for an added fee. Learn more about your insurance options.


Rates are determined by the weight and dimensions of the package and the distance it has to travel. When dimensions exceed 1 cubic foot, a dimensional (DIM) weight may be billed.

Distance determined by zone. Learn more about zones.

Parcel Select Ground shipments qualify for Commercial Pricing (discounted retail). View the domestic rate table.

USPS Retail Ground shipments qualify for Retail rates.


There are restrictions for mailing restricted, prohibited, and hazardous materials, including cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Learn more about restrictions.

Merchants who are not using online postage (such as ShippingEasy) must have 50 pieces or more in a single mailing to qualify for Commercial Pricing. Learn more about USPS Parcel Select Ground eligibility requirements.

Package Weight Limits:

Maximum weight for domestic shipments: up to 70 lbs.

Package Dimension Limits:

The maximum combined length and girth is 130". This means the combined measurement of the longest side and the distance around the thickest part cannot be more than 108".

Length: The longest size of the package.

Girth: The width and height of a package doubled and added together. 

  • Width: The distance from one side to the other on the shortest part of the package.

  • Height: The distance from top to bottom of a standing package. 


Pieces exceeding 108 inches but not more than 130 inches in combined length and girth are mailable at the Parcel Select Ground oversized price for the zone to which addressed.


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