If I have my own Endicia account connected to ShippingEasy, can I transfer the monthly subscription billing to ShippingEasy, too?

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ShippingEasy provides the option to connect an existing Endicia account with ShippingEasy to use as your Endicia First Class account. Learn more here. If you would like to ditch the monthly subscription fee charged by Endicia, we can transfer billing from you to ShippingEasy. However, there are a few points to note about this:

    • Only Dazzle accounts can be transferred.  Endicia for Mac accounts cannot be transferred.
    • The account will be downgraded (if not already) to a Standard Account.
    • You will still be able to use Dazzle, but depending on which service plan you are on, you may lose some functionality (ex: no stealth postage)


    • Once transferred to ShippingEasy, ownership cannot be transferred back to you.
    • You are still financially responsible for any postage purchases made in ShippingEasy, Dazzle, or any other channel provided by Endicia. This change will only waive the monthly subscription fee.
    • If your ShippingEasy account is closed, your Endicia account will also be closed.

If you understand these changes and would like to transfer billing for your Endicia monthly subscription to ShippingEasy, please get in touch with our support team.


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