How do I close my external Endicia account?

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Prior to October 4, 2017 ShippingEasy provided the option to connect an external Endicia account with ShippingEasy to use as your Endicia First Class domestic account. As part of the migration of all ShippingEasy customer accounts to use a single Endicia account, ShippingEasy will no longer support external Endicia accounts. Learn more.

After you have converted your ShippingEasy account to use a single Endicia account, if you choose to you can close the external Endicia account that had been used in ShippingEasy for First Class domestic USPS purchases.

IMPORTANT: Need to know before closing your Endicia account

Important! Account closure is permanent. Please read this completely before closing your account.

Check list: before you close your account
  1. Verify and update your contact information on the Endicia account, including the contact name, email address, physical and mailing addresses. Learn more.
  2. Print any online account reports that you need, such as for taxes, accounting, tracking, or record keeping purposes. Learn more.
More information about refunds:

Any remaining postage balance will be refunded back to you. The method of refund depends on how recently you purchased postage and how you paid for that postage.

Last postage purchase was less than 3 months ago:

Credit card: The remaining Postage Balance will be refunded back to the credit card last used to purchase postage.

ACH/Debit: Postage Balance refunds for postage purchased using direct debit from a checking account will be mailed as a check. It is important to verify that the Mailing address on the account is correct prior to closing the account to avoid delays. The check will be issued to the contact name on the account.

Last postage purchase was more than 3 months ago:

If you haven’t purchased postage within 3 months is used the balance refund may be mailed to you in the form of a check. It is important to verify that the Mailing address on the account is correct prior to closing the account to avoid delays. The check will be issued to the contact name on the account.

Note: If you have any pending refund requests for postage misprints, the account status changes to Pending Close and will wait until all requests have been processed before closing. Once all refunds have been processed, the account status will change to closed and the unused postage balance is refunded.

If you are unable to log in via the steps below to close the account, please call Endicia support to close the account. Their team is available Monday-Friday 6am- 6pm PST, 1-800- 576-3279 Option 3.

Learn more from Endicia about closing accounts.

How to: Close your Endicia account

  1. Login to Endicia using your Endicia Account ID and Endicia Web Password.
    enter endicia login info.PNG
  2. As account closure is a permanent, first verify and update if necessary your contact information, including the email address and physical and mailing addresses. Navigate through the following steps to update each:
    • Email: My Account > Update Profile > Contact Information

    • Mailing address: My Account > Update Profile > Physical Address

    • Physical address: My Account > Update Profile > Mailing Address 

  3. To proceed with closing your account, go to My Account tab.
  4. Under the Update Profile tab, select the Close Account option.
    close account screenshot.png
  5. Select Continue.
    attention this is closing your account.PNG
  6. Select Close.
    attention select close endicia.PNG
  7. Select SIGN OUT.


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