How do I know if I was charged for a failed label?

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When a label fails to generate, your Endicia postage balance should not be debited. However, if you have concerns that your Endicia postage balance has been debited, you can use the tools available in ShippingEasy and to verify if an erroneous charge was made.

  1. First, you'll need to find the following information for the order:
    • Order number
    • "Ship to" zip code + 4
  2. With this information in hand, log into Endicia's website with your Account Number and Web Password. Learn how to log into your Endicia account.
  3. Navigate to your Endicia Transaction History by going to MY ACCOUNT >> REPORTS >> ACCOUNT TRANSACTIONS.
  4. Set your Transaction History to the specific date for when the label failed.
    4 - set period.jpg
  5. Open your browser's search function.
    • Windows: hold down CTRL + F at the same time.
    • Mac: hold down Command + F at the same time.
  6. Enter the "ship to" zipcode + 4 into the search box.
    6 - search box.jpg
  7. Locate the line(s) that show shipments going to this specific zip code.
    7 - select tracking.jpg
  8. Select and copy the tracking number.
  9. Navigate back to ShippingEasy and go to your SHIPMENT HISTORY.
  10. Search your SHIPMENT HISTORY for the tracking number.  If the tracking number cannot be found, then this is a postage purchase for which a label image was not generated.

    10 - search with no results.jpg

If you find yourself with a tracking number and no label or record within ShippingEasy, you can request a refund for this label via

  1. Navigate back to Endicia's website. Then go to Within Endicia, go to  MY ACCOUNT >> TOOLS >> REQUEST A POSTAGE REFUND.
  2. Check Select refunds from transactions having: and enter the tracking number for the shipment without a record.  Then select the Go! button.

    2.2 - Request a refund.jpg
  3. Endicia will walk you through a series of steps to verify and confirm that you would like to refund this postage.  Once the electronic form has been submitted, you're done!  Endicia will process the refund within approximately 14 days.


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