How to: Obtain my Endicia refund and transaction history

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ShippingEasy partners with Endicia to provide USPS rates. All USPS postage purchases are made via one of your two Endicia accounts. If you would like to see a detailed breakdown of your postage balance purchases and refunds, you can obtain this information from

Log into your Endicia account:

Log into your Endicia account at  
Locate your credentials following these steps:

  1. Go to SETTINGS page and select Postage and Carriers.


  2. Click the Show Passwords link under the specific Endicia account to show your Endicia Web Password.

  3. Login to using the Account ID and Endicia Web Password as shown in ShippingEasy.

To obtain your Endicia refund and transaction history:

  1. Go to My Account >> Reports >> Account Transactions.


  2. Set the search criteria:
    • Report Type: Set to Postage Purchases.
    • Range (Month| Period| Day): Maximum range is 12 months or 365 days.

  3. Submit your search criteria.

  4. Review the data:


      • Type: Postage Purchase indicates a purchase within ShippingEasy.
      • Type: Postage Refund: indicates a postage refund by Endicia.
      • Amount: reflects how much is added to your Postage Balance.
      • Balance: deposits are listed as oldest to newest, so with each deposit, the "Balance" will increase from the previous line.
      • When viewing "Account Transactions" for an Endicia First Class account, an "Authorization Number" will also be shown for Postage Purchase refunds, which when clicked, will link to a specific refund record.


To confirm that specific refunds have been approved and credited:

If you want to confirm that specific refunds have been approved and credited back to your postage balance, consider following these additional steps:

  • Log into ShippingEasy and navigate to SHIPMENT HISTORY.

  • Using the "Status" filter on the left hand menu, filter for just your Cancelled orders.

  • Note the "$Shipping" amount and "Ship Date". Click the tracking number to find the service purchased. This will tell you which Endicia account to pull up.

  • Continue from "Step 2" above. Select the "Month" by referencing the "Ship Date" of the cancelled order PLUS 14-21 days (the time it takes Endicia to issue a refund).


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