Stamps Policy for Cancelling Shipment Labels | Overview

ShippingEasy One Balance is powered by One Balance allows you to print labels for USPS and UPS shipments.  If you need to cancel a label, the following policies apply to each carrier. Learn how to cancel a label.

USPS from ShippingEasy One Balance

In order to cancel a USPS label for a refund (standard or return) from ShippingEasy, it must have been purchased within the last 28 days. If the package was included on a USPS SCAN form, the package cannot move past "Accepted".

Even when you are not able to cancel a USPS label in ShippingEasy, you may be able to cancel it from

Cancelling a USPS label will send a refund request. After approval by the USPS, which is usually within 21 days, refunded postage will be returned to your account.

UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance

To receive a refund for a UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance label, you must cancel the label in the first 30 days after a label is created. Unscanned, cancelled labels will immediately be issued a refund to the account. You do not need to wait for UPS to review.

If the label was scanned or used, no refund will be issued.




I have an order from about a month ago that we cancelled. When would we get a refund on it?


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