Advance Ship Dates and Post-Dated Labels | FAQs

Each carrier has unique requirements for post-dating shipments.

When carriers support advanced ship dates, you can designate a cutoff time in ShippingEasy to always advanced to the following date. Learn how to advance the ship dates.

If you have post-dated shipments, you may wish to also delay shipment notifications to your store. Learn how to delay shipment notifications for post-dated labels.

Can I advance a ship date for USPS shipments?

Yes. USPS shipment dates can be advanced up to 6 days in the future. Learn how to advance the ship date of shipments.

ShippingEasy automatically advances the shipment date to Monday for USPS labels created on a Sunday.

Can I advance a ship date for UPS labels?

There is no advance ship date for UPS. These labels do not have dates, so they can be shipped at any time.

Can I advance a ship date for UPS One Balance labels?

Yes. UPS One Balance labels can be advanced. This allows for the Same Day pickup to be scheduled. Labels must be post-dated by 4pm CT to be eligible for the Same Day pickup. Learn how to advance the ship date

Can I advance the ship date for FedEx labels?

You can prepare FedEx labels 10 days in advance.

Can I advance the ship date for DHL Express labels?

You can set the shipment date up to 10 days in advance of the current date.

The shipment date is printed on the "archive" label. This is the label that you keep, instead of placing it on the package.

How long do I have to ship packages once I have printed labels?

While most carriers will accept packages within a few days of printing labels, it's best to set the ship date to the day you actually plan to send a package out.

It is at the discretion of the carrier and/or post office to accept a package if the label date does not match the current date. If your label date does not match the current date, consider generating a new label with the correct date. Learn more.

ShippingEasy will automatically set the current date as the ship date when you're assigning rates and creating shipments on the READY TO SHIP page. Within this page, you can select a future ship date. It's best to always set the Ship date to the day you intend to hand the package over to the carrier. Learn more about advancing the ship date of shipments.

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What do I need to know about the shipment date?

The shipment date is an indication of when a package is received and scanned by your local post office. 

When purchasing postage, select the shipment date for when you will drop off the package at your local post office. It is important to keep in mind the Post Office’s hours of operation, as packages submitted to the Post Office after hours (usually 5pm Monday - Friday and 1pm on Saturday) should reflect the following day’s date.

While many mail carriers and/or Post Offices will accept packages with a ship date prior to the drop-off date, it is USPS’ official policy to deny service to shipments submitted on any date other than that printed on the label. As such, it is always best to drop off your package on the date printed on the label.


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