Why do I need two Endicia accounts?

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NOTE: The information in this article is intended for subscribers who created their ShippingEasy account before September 20, 2017. ShippingEasy accounts created after September 20, 2017 have a single Endicia account. Learn more about Endicia.

Our rate and label technology partner, Endicia, requires a separate account for expedited vs non-expedited postage. This two-account model allows us to enable the best available rates for the services that qualify for our extra discounts. 

First Class mail (non-expedited) is handled differently by USPS and the postage balance is deposited directly into a trust account with USPS. These requirements do not apply to expedited postage and thus a separate account is created to hold these funds. The expedited account also includes the extra discount on the eligible services. You will have access to full reporting on all postage deposits and then individual postage purchases applied against your balance by date.

Each Endicia account provides access to specific USPS services:

Endicia First Class Domestic:

all Domestic First Class, Media Mail, Parcel Select

Endicia Int'l and Expedited:

all Domestic and International Priority Mail and Express Priority Mail, International First Class

For more information about the discounted rates for both Endicia accounts, click here.

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  • Avatar
    Marilyn Boese
    well, oops, I didn't know that we had two Indicia accounts and put $250 in the account that we would use for First Class and Parcel Select = which we never use, and immediately had to add funds to the Expedited Indicia account to process our typical order, Priority Mail. Can funds be transferred between these two accounts?
  • Avatar
    Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

    Hello Marilyn - I'm sorry to hear about the misunderstanding. Unfortunately, we're not able to transfer balances between your two Endicia accounts as the accounts are unique and separate. However, if you will not be using the services of the Endicia First Class account, you can close it for a full refund of the balance.

    We provide additional help with this in the following guide:

    I hope this helps! Please leave a comment if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Tiffany Monson

    If my funds run out on the domestic postage, will the funds from my international postage carry over or be used? Or are these 2 accounts completely 2 separate entities on their own?

  • Avatar
    Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

    Hello Tiffany and thank you for posting to our support center.

    Because your Endicia accounts are separated for the best rates possible, this means they are also unlinked, making it impossible to transfer funds between them.

    If you happen to add too much postage to one of the accounts, and will eventually use the postage, we recommend you leave the account as is. If you do not plan to use the postage then you can close the corresponding Endicia account for a refund. Then, if you need to ship via those methods at a later date, you can open a new Endicia account of that type. More about this process can be found in the article linked below:

    How to: Refund an Endicia postage balance if I added too much

    I hope this information helps, but please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you!

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