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Set Up Postage Account

How do I open an Stamps account for free?

Setting up an account is easy! All new accounts come with a free account. Existing accounts can set one up using our guide: How do I open an Stamps account for free?

What to do about an error registering my USPS account?

If you run into problems registering your USPS account, we've got your covered. Take a look at our troubleshooting guide for more help:

What to do about an error registering my USPS account?

Can I use my own postage account with ShippingEasy?

No. Accessing USPS rates in ShippingEasy requires a postage account opened through ShippingEasy. Existing postage account cannot be connected to ShippingEasy.

Learn how to set up a postage account within ShippingEasy.

Where can I find my Stamps account details?

ShippingEasy stores your Stamps account credentials in app. This keeps them secure and makes them easy to find. Where can I find my Stamps account details?

How do I log into my USPS account?

Once you've got your account set up, logging in can be done on the POSTAGE & CARRIERS page in ShippingEasy.

How do I log into my USPS account?

How do I close my Stamps account?

If you need to close your account, we've outlined the steps to doing so in our guide:

How do I close my Stamps account?

What to do if my Stamps account is closed and I need to ship?

You will need to open a new account if you have previously closed yours.

What to do if my Stamps account is closed and I need to ship?

Manage Postage Account

How do I change my USPS postage account information?

USPS postage account information can be accessed through the POSTAGE & CARRIERS page in ShippingEasy or by logging in to your account.

How can I change my USPS password?

ShippingEasy uses your password to maintain a connection with the label server. This password can be accessed and updated in ShippingEasy.

How do I change where Stamps emails my invoices and notifications?

You can update your Stamps contact information and email address at Follow our guide for step-by-step instructions on how to update your billing information.

What to do if my Stamps account is disconnected?

If you believe you have an account, but it is not appearing on the POSTAGE AND CARRIERS page, email our Customer Service team. Our Customer Success team can verify if you have an existing account via ShippingEasy. In the case that you have one, they can also re-connect your account for you.

How do I fix a suspended USPS account?

If you cannot purchase postage from within ShippingEasy, it may be that your USPS account has been suspended. There are a number of reasons your account may be suspended. Find out why your account was suspended. ShippingEasy subscribers who need to unsuspend their account must contact Stamps at (855) 889-7867. This is the fastest way to reconnect and get shipping!

How do I change my USPS postage billing information?

Learn the details about your postage bill and how to make updates to your billing information for your account.

How do I get billed for USPS postage?

You will be billed by for USPS postage purchases. Learn more about your postage bill details including how it is calculated and how to bill a third party with our FAQ article.

How will my USPS postage purchases appear on my billing statement?

Stamps postage balance purchases will appear on your credit card statement as:

What to do if I run into problems setting up ACH billing?

If you get an error message when setting up ACH billing, it may be due to your account not being set up correctly, disconnected or lack of recent postage purchase. Find out the solution to these issues and more with our ACH Billing Troubleshooting guide.

Postage Purchases

How can I manage my postage balance?

Once you have your postage account set up, maintaining and monitoring your funds to cover postage purchases is important to reduce errors during the shipping process.

How do I add more postage to my USPS account?

You can add more postage at any time without the hassle of re-entering your credit card or filling out forms. Just follow these steps to add more postage.

How do I view my postage balance?

From any page on your ShippingEasy account, you will see quick links in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Click POSTAGE AND CARRIERS to navigate directly to the Postage and Carriers settings.

On this page, you will see your balance listed for your account.

How do I view my postage balance?

Stamps has a minimum purchase of $10 to top off your postage balance. Of course, sometimes you won't need $10 to purchase all of your remaining labels for the day. Not to worry - the remaining postage will stick around in your postage balance. It will be waiting for you to use next time you're shipping packages.

How do I manage automated postage transactions for my USPS account?

Avoid insufficient funds due to a re-calculation of postage costs by the USPS or by having a low maximum postage balance on your account.

What is Automatic Package Verification?

The USPS has created a system that verifies that enough postage was included on packages to cover the cost of shipping. Learn more about the details of this program with our FAQ guide.

How do I set up Automatic Postage Refills for my USPS account?

Avoid errors when purchasing postage while also speeding up your shipping process by setting up automatic postage refills for your account.

How do I raise the maximum postage balance on my USPS account?

If you ship frequently using higher cost USPS services, you can request to raise your maximum postage balance for your account.

Refunds and Transaction

How do I get a refund for postage purchases?

Find the information you need to cancel a label and get a refund on postage purchases in ShippingEasy and

How do I cancel a Shipping Label in ShippingEasy?

You can cancel up to 25 labels at a time from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page in your account. See our step-by-step guide to cancelling a label.

How do I find USPS labels that are eligible for a refund?

When a USPS shipping label fails to generate, your postage balance should not change. If you are concerned that your postage balance was reduced, you can use tools in ShippingEasy and to verify whether an erroneous charge was made.

How can I get my USPS refund and transaction history?

You can download your complete transaction history from using our step-by-step guide.

How do I verify that my USPS postage refund was approved and deposited?

When you cancel a label in ShippingEasy that was generated through Stamps, a refund is automatically requested. However, it can take 14 to 24 days to process the refund. Once approved, your refund(s) will be automatically deposited into your postage balance. To view an overall refund request, follow our step-by-step guide.

Can I get a refund if I add too much to my USPS postage balance? only provides refunds for a postage balance when an account is closed. Find out how to close your account to recieve a postage balance refund.

Why can't I purchase postage?

If your credit card was declined when purchasing postage

Double-check to make sure you have entered in the correct information if your credit card is declined. If you are still having issue, see our troubleshooting guide for more help.

Why can't I buy labels with an exact amount in my account?

It is possible to purchase labels with the exact amount in your Stamps account from the ORDERS page or READY TO SHIP page. If you are purchasing postage on the READY FOR PAYMENT page, you will not be allowed to reach a zero ($0) balance. Learn more about purchasing exact amounts of postage .

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well, oops, I didn't know that we had two Indicia accounts and put $250 in the account that we would use for First Class and Parcel Select = which we never use, and immediately had to add funds to the Expedited Indicia account to process our typical order, Priority Mail. Can funds be transferred between these two accounts?
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Hello Marilyn - I'm sorry to hear about the misunderstanding. Unfortunately, we're not able to transfer balances between your two Endicia accounts as the accounts are unique and separate. However, if you will not be using the services of the Endicia First Class account, you can close it for a full refund of the balance.

We provide additional help with this in the following guide:

I hope this helps! Please leave a comment if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

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If my funds run out on the domestic postage, will the funds from my international postage carry over or be used? Or are these 2 accounts completely 2 separate entities on their own?

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Hello Tiffany and thank you for posting to our support center.

Because your Endicia accounts are separated for the best rates possible, this means they are also unlinked, making it impossible to transfer funds between them.

If you happen to add too much postage to one of the accounts, and will eventually use the postage, we recommend you leave the account as is. If you do not plan to use the postage then you can close the corresponding Endicia account for a refund. Then, if you need to ship via those methods at a later date, you can open a new Endicia account of that type. More about this process can be found in the article linked below:

How to: Refund an Endicia postage balance if I added too much

I hope this information helps, but please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you!

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