One Balance Account Refunds and Transaction | FAQs

Find the information you need to cancel a label and get a refund in ShippingEasy for One Balance.

How do I get a refund for label purchases?

You will need to cancel the label in order to receive a refund. You can cancel up to 25 labels at a time from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page in your account. See our step-by-step guide to cancelling a label.

How do I find One Balance labels that are eligible for a refund?

When a label fails to generate, your One Balance funds should not change. If you are concerned that your One Balance funds were reduced, you can use tools in ShippingEasy powered by to verify whether an erroneous charge was made.

How can I get my refund and transaction history?

You can download your transaction history from using our step-by-step guide.

When you cancel a label in ShippingEasy that was generated through One Balance, a refund is automatically requested. However, it can take 14 to 24 days to process the refund. Once approved, your refund(s) will be automatically deposited into your postage balance. To view an overall refund request, follow our step-by-step guide.

Can I get a refund if I add too much to my money to One Balance?

Refunds for funds in a One Balance account is only provided when an account is closed. Find out how to close your account to receive a refund.

Why was my credit card declined when I added more funds?

Double-check to make sure you have entered the correct information if your credit card is declined. If you are still having issues, see our troubleshooting guide for more help.

Why can't I buy labels with an exact amount in my account?

It is possible to purchase labels with the exact amount in your One Balance account from the ORDERS page or READY TO SHIP page. If you are purchasing labels on the READY FOR PAYMENT page, you will not be allowed to reach a zero ($0) balance. Learn more about buying labels with the exact amount of funds.

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well, oops, I didn't know that we had two Indicia accounts and put $250 in the account that we would use for First Class and Parcel Select = which we never use, and immediately had to add funds to the Expedited Indicia account to process our typical order, Priority Mail. Can funds be transferred between these two accounts?
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Hello Marilyn - I'm sorry to hear about the misunderstanding. Unfortunately, we're not able to transfer balances between your two Endicia accounts as the accounts are unique and separate. However, if you will not be using the services of the Endicia First Class account, you can close it for a full refund of the balance.

We provide additional help with this in the following guide:

I hope this helps! Please leave a comment if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

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If my funds run out on the domestic postage, will the funds from my international postage carry over or be used? Or are these 2 accounts completely 2 separate entities on their own?

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Hello Tiffany and thank you for posting to our support center.

Because your Endicia accounts are separated for the best rates possible, this means they are also unlinked, making it impossible to transfer funds between them.

If you happen to add too much postage to one of the accounts, and will eventually use the postage, we recommend you leave the account as is. If you do not plan to use the postage then you can close the corresponding Endicia account for a refund. Then, if you need to ship via those methods at a later date, you can open a new Endicia account of that type. More about this process can be found in the article linked below:

How to: Refund an Endicia postage balance if I added too much

I hope this information helps, but please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you!

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