How to: Update my Endicia account billing details

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Endicia makes updating account billing details easy with their online interface - available 24/7. Please remember, if you ship across all USPS services, you'll follow these steps to update the billing for both your Endicia First Class Mail and Endicia Expedited accounts.

  1. Go to Endicia login page and proceed to log in with your Account Number and Internet Password.


  2. Locate your Endicia account number and web password in your ShippingEasy account, on your POSTAGE AND CARRIERS screen.  
    NOTE: You have two Endicia accounts (First Class and Expedited), so be sure to access both to confirm that your billing information is up to date.
    1. Click the POSTAGE AND CARRIERS link in the top right corner of your ShippingEasy account.
    2. Your account number will be readily visible, to the right of the Endicia logo.
    3. Click the blue text Show Passwords to view and copy your Endicia Web Password (Internet Password).

      Endicia Show Passwords Highlighted.jpg

      For detailed instructions, visit How do I view my Endicia account information?

  3. Once you are logged into Endicia, go to My Account >> Update Profile >> Payment Method


  4. On the Payment Method page, find options to edit how you are billed for USPS Postage purchases, as well as your billing address.  

    Endicia has two Payment Options:
    • Use a credit card.
    • Bill directly to your checking account.  Learn more.

    For either option, select Edit from the appropriate column, followed by Update after making your changes.  

  5. Take the time to review your Billing Address to ensure that it matches that used for your updated Payment Option.

You're done!  Endicia will now charge your updated Payment Option for postage balance purchases made through ShippingEasy. Again, please follow these steps for both your Endicia First Class Mail and Endicia Expedited accounts to ensure accurate billing of your postage purchases. 


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