How can I track an international shipment with USPS?

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The amount of tracking information available for an international shipment depends on the USPS class in which it was shipped.

Shipment traveling outside of the US have limited tracking unless you ship with a method that provides further detail. Similar to domestic mail, several types of international mail offer tracking through the USPS Track & Confirm tool. Keep in mind, Track & Confirm only allows you to confirm the status and location of your item.

The following international services offer tracking

Packages will be scanned - at a minimum - at initial acceptance and delivery or attempted delivery. In some cases, as the item moves in transit, it will be scanned at various additional points. This information will also be available when using the Track & Confirm tool. Also note, tracking cannot be purchased to add to any other mail class. This service is only included in the classes listed here.

Learn more about tracking USPS shipments.


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