How can I track an international shipment with USPS?

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International shipment tracking will vary from country to country depending on their scanning capabilities and agreements with other country's postal departments. 

Tracking with USPS

Some USPS services offer more tracking details than others by scanning packages at various additional delivery points as the item moves in transit. See below for a list of USPS international tracking services.
Packages will be scanned - at a minimum - during initial acceptance and delivery, or attempted delivery.  USPS shipments traveling outside of the US can be tracked using the USPS Track & Confirm tool. This tool allows you to confirm the status and location of your item. Learn more about the most common tracking statuses and their meanings.

Tracking in ShippingEasy

Within the ShippingEasy app, you can track your USPS shipments from your SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Follow these links for more information:

International USPS services offering tracking:

  Guaranteed Delivery Time Non-guaranteed Delivery Time
Priority Mail International   6-10 day delivery and tracking to many international delivery locations. Tracking to destination is limited. Learn more.
Priority Mail Express International 3-5 day delivery to select international locations, when paid for and mailed from a Post Office™ location (Further restrictions apply). Available to more than 180 international countries. Tracking to destination is limited. Learn more.
First Class International Package Service   Tracking to destination is limited. Learn more.
Global Express Guaranteed 1-3 day delivery to more than 180 countries, when mailed from a Post Office™ location.  


NOTE: tracking cannot be purchased and added to any other mail class. It is only included in the classes listed here.


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    Kim Barr

    I ordered some things that are coming from a different country and they sent the items.  There are 4 total.  The problem is they sent them to an address that doesn't exist. They basically combined my new address and my old address and came up with an address that doesn't exist and that's where they sent the packages.  How do I intercept them and get the right address on them so that I receive them??  

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    Matthew F. [ShippingEasy]

    Hello Kim,

    Thank you for contacting ShippingEasy. I am afraid this would be an issue that you would need to address with the seller if they are liable for lost shipments. 

    If a shipment is not deliverable the standard practice is to return the parcel to the sender. 

    If the shipment is still in the postal stream you may be able to contact the carrier delivering the package, but they may charge for additional shipping if they are able to reroute the package at all.

    I hope the shipper is able to resolve this issue with you!


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