USPS Supplies: Ordering Details (FREE)

USPS provides FREE packaging supplies to ensure your item is well packaged and prepared for a safe delivery.

The shipping process has enough steps - locating boxes shouldn’t have to be one of them. You can order up to 500 boxes from the USPS for free through or pick them up at any retail location.

If you’re ordering online, you’ll need to create a free account. Delivery can take a few weeks, but will allow you to order a larger quantity of supplies. is also the only place to order Priority Mail Regional Rate boxes - a shipping option many businesses favor because because of its cheaper rates and similar delivery time frame as standard Priority Mail.

Free Supplies:

TIP: if you are shipping more than 500 packages via USPS each month, get your own USPS Account Manager. They can help you set up automatic supply orders, ensure you're getting the best rates, and more! Just fill out this form and we'll put you in touch.



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