How do I Bulk Update order statuses on the back-end of my Volusion store?

We understand that running an online store can be demanding, and that there isn't always time to tie up loose ends. We've had many customers use other solutions that never updated order statuses to “Shipped”. Luckily, now you've found our app and we do it automatically for all of your new orders!


But what can you do with all of those old orders on the back-end of your Volusion store that may never have been updated after they were shipped? Regardless of whether these order were shipped out months or years ago, it is best to update the statuses to ensure ShippingEasy connects quickly and seamlessly to your store every time.


Before bulk updating the statuses, you may want to turn off the Shipping Confirmation e-mail  in Volusion to ensure that an e-mail is not sent to all of the customers with the orders associated with the update. Of course, if you currently send the e-mail from ShippingEasy, you may have already turned this off. If you have not, please follow these steps to turn off the e-mails during the update

  • Once logged into Volusion, select “Settings” and “Config Variables”.
  • You’ll be taken to the General Variable page. From here, you’ll scroll through the pages of the variables listed to find “Send Shipping Confirmation”. In our store, this was on the second page of variables. You can un-tick the box and click “Save” to ensure that the setting is saved while you process the bulk update. 

 Now you’re ready to update your order statuses! 


To Bulk Update all of your old orders that have already been shipped please follow these steps:

  • Select “Orders” then “Process Orders”.
  • Once on the Process Orders page, you may want to click “Order Date” to see how old your oldest orders are. This will help you decide the cut-off date where you are comfortable changing the order statuses from. Once you know that cut-off date, you can select the three-dot menu from the top left and then select “Bulk Updates.
  • A box will pop up for you to enter in the parameters of your bulk update. We recommend the selections in our example below as we’ve found the most success with these. Of course, you’ll want to enter your own cut-off date.

This example translates to: “Set the Order Status to Shipped for all orders with an Order Date earlier than April 31, 2012.” In this instance, the order statuses of all orders placed on April 30, 2012 and earlier would be changed to “Shipped”.

  • Click the orange “Apply Changes” button and Voila! The order statuses for all orders within your chosen parameters will be changed.

If you turned off the Shipping Confirmation e-mail and want to turn it back on within Volusion, please follow the steps you took in the beginning of this article and re-tick the box to reactivate the Shipping Confirmation e-mail. 


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