How to: Remove Volusion orders from ShippingEasy

If you have multiple orders in your Volusion store that require a status update, the steps below will help you change status in bulk.

ShippingEasy downloads 5 status types from Volusion:

  • New
  • Processing
  • Awaiting payment
  • Ready to Ship
  • Partially Ship

This is a time saver if you have older orders that you do not want to see in ShippingEasy -- but they have a status that we actively pull in. For example, if you have orders that say "Processing" and you do not want them to download, change them to "Shipped."

  1. Go to your Orders Page, click on Settings and then select "Bulk Update".


  2. Set up the bulk override here. Don't worry, this look more complicated than it is.

    • Set: use this drop down to select "Order Status" and then what you want to set it to if a certain condition is true.
    • Where: is the condition that you want to find and change

    So, in this example, you are telling Volusion to reset all orders with the status "Processing" to "Shipped." Then, click "Apply Changes" - and you will see that all of the orders where the condition or status was "Processing" will now be marked as "Shipped." If you have a few recent orders that you still want to come through, just change those back to "Processing" using the drop down for that individual order.



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