Reconnect a Volusion Store to ShippingEasy | How To

Volusion follows Payment Card Industry (PCI) security compliance standards which require their users to update their credentials every 90 days.

If you have recently changed your password within Volusion, your API URL changed also. ShippingEasy uses the precise API URL address to access your orders. If we do not have the correct API URL, then your store will spontaneously disconnect and your orders will stop syncing.  

ShippingEasy cannot connect to your Volusion store until you update the API URL in ShippingEasy.

Find more ways to troubleshoot syncing Volusion orders.

Reconnect a Volusion Store to your ShippingEasy Account

  1. From any page in the app, navigate to the SETTINGS page.
  3. From the STORES & ORDERS page, click the "Archived" tab and locate your Volusion store.
  4. Click the Activate button next to your Volusion store details.
  5. ShippingEasy will ask you to confirm you want to reactivate the store. Click Yes.

Your store is now reconnected and your future orders will sync with ShippingEasy!

If you have missing orders that need to be synced, please contact our Customer Success team:
  • Paid subscribers (Basic and above plans) will see links to email, call, or chat in the upper left corner in-app.

  • Starter subscribers can email the date of your oldest unshipped order to with a request to sync your unshipped orders.


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