Troubleshoot: Syncing WooCommerce orders (Legacy)

NOTE: This article applies to LEGACY ShippingEasy WooCommerce store integrations ONLY.  To determine if you have the legacy version of our WooCommerce store integration, read this article.

When someone places an order with your WooCommerce store, their order will be sent by WooCommerce to ShippingEasy.  Learn more about how WooCommerce works with ShippingEasy

If your WooCommerce orders are not being sent to ShippingEasy, there are a few common causes.

Are your orders in a status that is configured to be sent to ShippingEasy?

WooCommerce will only send orders to ShippingEasy if they are in a shippable status.

In the configuration settings for the ShippingEasy plugin on your WooCommerce site, select the order status values that you want ShippingEasy to use for determining whether an order should be sent automatically when the order is created. Typically, only orders that have a WooCommerce status of "processing" are sent automatically, but you can select additional status values. 

Learn more about selecting which statuses are sent to ShippingEasy.

Were the orders placed before you installed the ShippingEasy plugin for WooCommerce?


Orders placed before integrating your WooCommerce store with ShippingEasy will not be automatically sent into ShippingEasy. However, you can export these manually.

Edit the order in WooCommerce and select Export Order to ShippingEasy from the "Order Actions" menu.

export order woocommerce.png

NOTE: this will force the order into your ShippingEasy account essentially ignoring the order statuses that you have selected to pull in.

Can you send manual orders from WooCommerce to ShippingEasy?

This is an effective way to confirm that your integration credentials are valid.

To manually send individual orders:

  1. Select an order in WooCommerce to Edit.
  2. From the Order Actions menu, select "Send to ShippingEasy".
  3. Check your ShippingEasy's ORDERS page. Keep in mind it might take a few minutes for the order to be sent.

If the order is sent to ShippingEasy, then your store credentials are correct.

If you receive an error "Error sending to ShippingEasy: Access Denied" then you will want to double check that your ShippingEasy credentials have been copied correctly to WooCommerce. Learn more in the next section.

Does the "ShippingEasy Settings" page in WooCommerce have the correct credentials?

Refer to these steps to enter credentials into WooCommerce.

Make sure that each of these fields are filled in correctly:

  • API Key: this token must match the "API Key" found on the ShippingEasy API CREDENTIALS page.
  • Secret Key: this token must match the "Secret Key" found on the ShippingEasy API CREDENTIALS page.
  • Store API Key: this token must match the "Store API Key" found on the ShippingEasy STORES & ORDERS page.
  • API URL: this must be

Are you running the latest version of the ShippingEasy plugin for WooCommerce?

The lastest plugin is available for download within ShippingEasy. Consider updating your plugin. Learn more.

Are you using a recent version of WordPress?

ShippingEasy works best with WordPress versions 3.9 and higher. If you're running an older version, consider updating WordPress.

Are you using a recent version of WooCommerce?

The ShippingEasy Legacy integration works best with WooCommerce versions 2.0 and higher. If you're running an older version, please update WooCommerce.

Have you done everything suggested and your orders still are not syncing?

Contact ShippingEasy support and provide your WooCommerce configuration information - learn how to download it - as well as your WooCommerce error logs - learn how to access these.

  • Paid subscribers can access dedicated email, chat and phone support via the links located in the top left of the app.
  • Free subscribers can email requested data to 


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