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By default, ShippingEasy will automatically sync any order with an "Unfulfilled" status. The first download will contain orders from the last 14 days. Subsequent downloads will occur once an hour and any orders with an "Unfulfilled" status and less than 1 hour old will sync automatically. If you have made changes to your settings, these default behaviors may not apply.

There are many things that may prevent your Shopify orders from syncing automatically:

Is your Shopify store disconnected from ShippingEasy?

If your Shopify store is disconnected, we will post an ALERT next to your login profile.

Alternately, you can go to SETTINGS >> STORES & ORDERS to confirm that your store is showing as connected.

If it is not connected, click the Reconnect button to be directed to a login screen to restore the store integration.

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Are your orders in an "Unfulfilled" status?

ShippingEasy is only able to sync "Unfulfilled" orders. However, Shopify has an option that is often configured that will automatically "Fulfill" your orders. Unfortunately, Shopify does not allow you to change an order status back to "Unfulfilled".

To ensure that Shopify does not automatically "Fulfill" your orders:

  1. Log into Shopify.
  2. Go to Settings >> Checkout.
  3. Under "Order Processing", locate the line of text "After an order has been paid". Underneath, make sure to uncheck the box next to Automatically fulfill all of the order's line items.
  4. New orders placed at your Shopify store will now sync with ShippingEasy.

Any Shopify orders that were "Fulfilled" before syncing will need to be processed manually:

  • All accounts have the option to enter these one at a time via the QUICK SHIP tab, located on the navigation bar. Learn more.
  • Basic and higher accounts also have the option to upload a CSV file containing all missing Shopify orders:

    1. First, you'll need to export your Shopify orders to a CSV file. Learn more.
    2. Second, upload this file to ShippingEasy. Learn more.

Once the orders have been inputted manually, they can be shipped as usual.

You may want to review your Manual Order store settings before processing labels. To do so, go to SETTINGS >> STORE & ORDERS and click the Edit store settings link under the Manual Orders store.
manual orders edit store settings.PNG

Are your orders in an "Unfulfilled" status that syncs? (Paid or Unpaid)

ShippingEasy provides the option to sync Paid and/or Unpaid orders. If you have chosen not to sync one of these statuses, then ShippingEasy will ignore any order in this status. Learn more.

Are your orders older than 14 days old?

Orders present when first integrating that are older than 14 days will not sync. These will need to be processed manually.  Learn more.

Basic and higher accounts may want to reach out to ShippingEasy support, via the email, call or chat links in the top left corner of the app, for guidance if there are too many orders to practically enter manually.

Has your account been inactive or have you disabled automatic order downloads?

If your account has been idle for 21 days on our Starter plan or 14 days on one of our paid plans (Basic and above), we will turn off the automatic order download option on your store. Learn more about changes made to an inactive account.

Likewise, you can choose to turn off your automatic order downloads. Doing so gives you maximum control over when ShippingEasy syncs your orders. Learn more about disabling automatic order downloads.

If your automatic order downloads have been turned off, you can manually sync your orders that were placed since ShippingEasy last downloaded your orders. From the ORDERS page, just click the Sync with Store button. Within 20 minutes, your missing orders will sync.

Did you enter the order into Shopify manually?

Orders added to Shopify manually can sync to ShippingEasy, as long as the order was initially added into Shopify with both a Shipping and Billing address.

When ShippingEasy sees a new order in Shopify, it will attempt to sync the order. If the address is missing, the order will be stuck in a loading state. Any future edits to the order will not be read by ShippingEasy. So, even though the addresses can be added into Shopify at a later point in time, ShippingEasy will only sync the manual order if it is originally entered with complete address information.

To verify if this is the cause of your missing order, reference the order in Shopify. If the order shows "No customer", then the manual order was originally added without complete address information.

Please enter the order again into Shopify as a new order, with complete addresses. The order should then sync with ShippingEasy.

Is the missing order a Draft order?

ShippingEasy is unable to sync Draft orders from Shopify because they appear inactive.

To make a Shopify order active so it will sync:

  • Paid orders must be set to "Mark as Paid" or "Pay with Credit Card"
  • Unpaid orders (Pending) must be set to "Mark as Pending"
    (It may also be possible to "authorize" a payment, instead of marking it as pending.)

Was the order placed through Shopify POS?

Shopify POS orders will not sync with ShippingEasy. If you take orders via Shopify POS that need to be shipped, we recommend adding them in manually. Learn how to add manual orders one-by-one or via a CSV file.

Does the order contain products that require shipping?

ShippingEasy will not sync orders containing products that do not require shipping. If an order contains both products requiring, and not requiring shipping, then ShippingEasy will only sync the products that require shipping. This can be checked in Shopify under the product-related shipping details and will need to be changed if shipping is not required. Learn more.

Does the order contain only digital products?

ShippingEasy will not sync orders that contain only digital products. If an order contains both digital and physical products, then ShippingEasy will only sync the physical line items that require shipping.

Does the order contain products specified for manual fulfillment?

Shopify allows fulfillment to be configured on a product level, but ShippingEasy will only sync line items containing products with a "Fulfillment service" set to "manual". This ensures that only the products you intend to ship through ShippingEasy are synced.

If an order contains both manual and alternate fulfillment service products, ShippingEasy will only sync the manual fulfillment line items in the order. The product's fulfillment service must be set to 'Manual' as a custom service in Shopify Learn how to set your products to be fulfilled by your custom service.

Does the order's phone number contain spaces?

If there are spaces in the phone number of the order you are trying to sync from Shopify, the order will not sync. You will need to remove the spaces to have no spaces and can replace those with dashes to sync your Shopify orders.

For example:
666 555 4444 will prevent the order from syncing
But updating to:
666-555-4444 or 6665554444 would allow the order to sync.

Does the order contain a complete and correct shipping address?

If the shipping address is missing, incomplete, or part of the address is in the wrong line, the order will not sync. You will need to adjust or correct the address, to sync your Shopify orders.

For example:
If the street address is entered into the Company Name field, it will need to be moved to the correct Address Line to allow it to sync.




my orders (cancelled one) from shopify still not syncing. I have checked all the steps above and still no resolution

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Hi Mary,

Thank you for your post!

If the Shopify order is in a cancelled status on your store platform then it should automatically clear upon the next sync so long as the order hasn't moved from the Orders page.  If the order moved to Ready to Ship or anywhere else in the app then the cancelled order would not be automatically removed from the Orders page.

If the Shopify order is not in a cancelled status on your store platform then it will sync if it's in a status we pull over.  You can see more about how Shopify works with ShippingEasy here.

For further questions, please post in our forum:


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Shipping easy has integrated perfectly for 5 years with my Shopify store. It now does not sync with orders. It WAS great - now, well it is not working at all, except for manually putting in order. Too bad - what have you changed?

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Hello Bob,

Thank you for your post!

I have reached out to you to help troubleshoot this issue and see why your orders are no longer pulling into ShippingEasy from Shopify.


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