How to use ShippingEasy as a Bigcommerce App

Bigcommerce has a cool feature that provides easy access to popular applications from right inside your Bigcommerce account. We're proud to have our service so readily available to BigCommerce users. Find out how well we work together!

How does it work?

Bigcommerce has extensive information in this overview of their single click install applications.

How do I install ShippingEasy within Bigcommerce?

You can install ShippingEasy within Bigcommerce - just follow the instructions in our guide on How to: Integrate using Bigcommerce Single Click Install with ShippingEasy.

How do I access ShippingEasy from within Bigcommerce?

Click the Apps tab on the left edge of your browser window when you are logged in to Bigcommerce:


Then click the ShippingEasy logo:

Can I access my ShippingEasy account from outside of Bigcommerce?

Yes, but in order to streamline the process of creating your account, ShippingEasy did not prompt you for a password when creating your ShippingEasy account from within Bigcommerce. But gaining access is easy - just go to the ShippingEasy application in a browser. Type in your email address and then click the link for Forgot your password:

ShippingEasy will send you an email so that you can reset your password. Then you can login from the ShippingEasy web site. You will also still be able to access ShippingEasy from within Bigcommerce.

If I already have a ShippingEasy account, can I use it from within Bigcommerce as a Bigcommerce App?

No, not at this time. Our current support enables new customers to create a new ShippingEasy account and access it from within Bigcommerce.

Can I access ShippingEasy as a Bigcommerce App from multiple Bigcommerce stores?

No, not at this time. You can, however, always login to our cloud-based application and then setup multiple Bigcommerce stores within your ShippingEasy account.

Can I use other stores with a ShippingEasy account that was created as a Bigcommerce App? 

Yes! Refer to our knowledge base articles to learn about integrating ShippingEasy with other store platforms.


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