Shipping Optimization with Real-Time Rates for Bigcommerce Stores

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This guide assumes you've already setup your store - if you haven't and need help, we recommend reaching out to the experts at BigCommerce or taking a look at these articles from our Knowledge Base:


Instead of building out USPS shipping rates by zone and weight, you can use the free Web Tools solution from the USPS to get rates in real-time.

  1. To access the free Web Tools solution, you'll need to register with USPS.  Go to the USPS website and enter your information.

  2. Once you register with USPS, you'll receive an email from the USPS within 24 hours containing your User ID and additional information. You need to reply to this email and request that your User ID get put onto a production server.

  3. Once your User ID has been added to a production server, it's time to complete the integration in BigCommerce.

  4. Logged into your BigCommerce admin page, click the Settings tab at the top of the page.  

  5. From the drop down menu, select Shipping.

  6. Click on the Shipping Zones tab, located directly above the grey bar in the middle of the page. 

  7. Locate the "United States" zone and then click on the gear icon and select Edit methods.

  8. On the next screen, locate the "USPS" entry and click the gear icon on the far right hand.  Then select Edit

  9. Scroll down until you see a long section with the header "USPS Settings". Now we'll configure the Real-Time settings.

  10. Enter your USPS Username (as provided by the USPS in email when you registered) and select the Production Server in the top two fields.

    • Status: Enabled -- this turns the service on
    • Package Size: Regular -- if you're shipping bigger items, then choose large.
    • Container Type -- determined automatically, unless your packages will always fit into a Flat Rate Envelope or Flat Rate Box.

Now your customer will be able to see accurate USPS rates and can order with confidence -- improving your sales, reducing shopping cart abandonment, and building a strong, more loyal customer base! Happy shipping!

You can check to see if you've properly accessed the USPS Free Web Tool by getting a rate quote. You can get a rate quote by selecting "Get Quote" from the gear icon in the "Shipping Methods" tab.


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