How do I ship my eBay Global Shipping Program orders with ShippingEasy?

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Orders processed using eBay Global Shipping are handled the same way as a normal domestic order in ShippingEasy. A domestic label and domestic tracking number are generated and once it leaves your hands, you are done.

eBay's Global Shipping Program handles all of the international shipping processes, including the customs information. You pay eBay the international shipping costs while you receive the cost that you request for a domestic order.

To use eBay Global Shipping:

  1. Locate the order on the "Order details" page. 


    ShippingEasy will not notify your customer when an eBay Global Shipping order has been processed. Sellers should include the following information when notifying customers: 

    • Order reference number
    • Customer's name
    • Address of the US shipping center
  2. With your shipment on the READY TO SHIP page in ShippingEasy you can process the label as you usually would for a Domestic shipment.
  3. Once purchased and printed, ShippingEasy will update eBay with the domestic tracking number. This will prompt eBay to generate a global tracking number, which they will supply to your customers. 

A note about return shipments:

You will not be able to generate return labels for eBay Global Shipping orders. Unlike other domestic returns, this option is not available. USPS only supports shipments originating in the US. Your customer will need to use a local carrier to return a product. We recommend that you clearly state in your return policy that you do not cover international return postage and the buyer will be responsible for all associated costs.


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