Select Order Statuses to Sync from eBay Store | How To

ShippingEasy will only sync "Complete" eBay orders. "Paid" orders will always sync; however, you can choose whether you'd like to sync "Unpaid" orders as well. By default, only "Complete" statuses will be configured to sync into ShippingEasy.

"Complete" (and paid) eBay orders will be brought into ShippingEasy with a status of Awaiting Shipment.  

"Complete (Unpaid)" will be brought into ShippingEasy with a status of Awaiting Payment. An eBay order may be "Complete (Unpaid)" when, for example, PayPal is reviewing a payment transaction before approving it.

Learn more about using ShippingEasy with eBay stores.

Select which Order Statuses Sync from eBay into ShippingEasy

  1. From anywhere in the app, navigate to SETTINGS and under the INTEGRATION section, select STORES & ORDERS.

  2. Under your eBay store information, click Edit store settings.
  3. Under the ORDERS tab, Scroll down to "Enabled Order Statuses". 
  4. Uncheck the box next to Complete (Unpaid) if you do not want unpaid orders to sync. Conversely, check the box if you do want unpaid orders to sync.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Save the changes.



How can you sync on demand though?

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Hi DDS Affiliates, 

You can manually sync on the ORDERS page within the app. Take a look at our how-to article here:

Download New Orders and Shipments

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