eBay Order Numbers in ShippingEasy | Overview

ShippingEasy provides two ways to reference eBay orders.

  • eBay Sales Record Number: classically, merchants have used the Sales Record Number to identify eBay orders. ShippingEasy uses this reference in the ShippingEasy Order Number field.
  • eBay Order Number: more recently, eBay identifies orders with an Order Number. ShippingEasy references this in the ShippingEasy Alternate Order Number field.

Whether you use the eBay Sales Record Number or eBay Order Number to identify your orders, you can customize ShippingEasy to surface that information where you need it.

  • Managing Orders and Shipments: the Order Number and Alternate Order Number fields can be added and arranged on the ORDERS and SHIPMENT HISTORY pages, by selecting the Arrange Columns link above the listings.
  • Picking and Packing Orders: the Order Number and Alternate Order Number fields can be displayed on Packing Slips. Learn how to customize Packing Slips.

Have more questions about managing eBay orders? Learn how to use ShippingEasy with eBay.



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