How is my eBay order number generated?

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The eBay order number that ShippingEasy uses is passed from eBay depending on a few factors - whether the order is a single line item or multiple line item order and whether the order is a fixed-price listing or an auction listing.

For a single line item order, the eBay order number is a mix of the eBay Item ID and also the Transaction ID. When the items purchased have come from a fixed-price listing, it appears with a hyphen in between the two values: ex. 121124971073-1094989827002. For a single line item order for an auction listing, it will appear as follows: 121124971074-1.

For multiple line item orders, eBay creates a unique order number that accommodates for the multiple items within the order - its essentially a number to account for the "Combined Payment" of multiple items. This usually appears as a single order string with no hyphen e.g. 398348555.


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