Does Amazon support partial shipments?

No. Unfortunately, the Amazon API cannot detect if some of the items within an order have been shipped. Once a shipment for the order has been processed, regardless of whether all of the orders products have been shipped, Amazon will update the order within your store as Shipped.


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It is possible within the Amazon order page to show a partial shipment by setting the quantity shipped so I'm not sure why ShippingEasy can't also do that.  Do you mean that if I split the order or quantity before shipping then ShippingEasy still marks the entire order as complete? 

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Hi Bill - Thanks for posting your question. I have a few of my own :)

To my understanding, Amazon will allow you to mark a certain number of items as fulfilled. However, I do not believe that they treat this the same as splitting.

My questions follow two trains of thoughts:

Let's assume that you adjust the quantity to be shipped before the order syncs into ShippingEasy. Once the order syncs, is ShippingEasy showing the original quantity or the adjusted quantity?

Let's assume that Amazon allows orders to be split. Is it then possible to purchase two different labels, one for each portion of the quantity, from Amazon's Shipping Services? 

Our team is unfamiliar with the results in these two scenarios and given the configuration of Amazon's test servers, it's difficult to test them. However, if you have any other details to help us understand your process, I'd greatly appreciate it. Namely, what are the specific steps that you take within Amazon to show that part of an order has been shipped?  It may be helpful to post a screenshot (with order details blurred) that shows where this option is available.

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As far as I know we can't adjust the quantity to be shipped in Amazon, only in the Confirm Shipment page if we were manually confirming the order is shipped.  However the ShippingEasy app will mark the order complete, all items.  The only way to fix that is to edit the shipment information on Amazon after ShippingEasy send the shipment confirmation to Amazon.  We have to wait up to 30 minutes for the confirmation then manually adjust the quantity.  If the total quantity was shipped in multiple packages we figure out which tracking number was uploaded then adjust the quantity in that shipment, then add another shipment and quantity.  A lot of work.  The worst case however is if we are only filling part of the order, we have to adjust the quantity then cancel the balance of the order and refund.  This is very bad since Amazon only charges the buyer when the order ships and it is a serious rules infraction to mark an order shipped before it ships, which is what we are doing with the balance of the shorted order.  Cancellation before shipping is still tracked as a metric on Amazon, but not a serious situation unless there are a bunch of those.

I don't have any current multi-quantity orders to show you but here is a past one as an example of the manual steps.

I can't show you more since this is a completed order and it would change that order, but the rest of the process is: Change the quantity shipped in the dropdown and save.  At that point there is a new set of fields below that area showing the balance of the order, we have to manually fill out the other tracking there and save or cancel and complete additional screens for that if that is the case.

Very time consuming and potential for a black mark with Amazon for incomplete orders being marked as complete then partially cancelled and partial refund. If we could split multi-quantity orders from the orders screen to show the quantity on each package then have that information uploaded to Amazon, then again for the other package(s) that should work.  In the case of a partial order the balance would show up on Amazon as unshipped and could be cancelled before the buyer is charged.



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Hello Bill - Thank you for posting these details. I apologize for my delayed response. We've been busy testing our Amazon integration and believe that our documentation is outdated.

In our tests, we've observed the behavior of two different orders:

  1. An order with a single SKU and quantity of 4.
  2. An order with two unique SKUs, each with a quantity of 1.

In both cases, we added the orders into Amazon and then synced them into ShippingEasy.

Once the orders had synced, we split them.

With each order, we shipped just half. Then checked Amazon for the update. In both cases, we found that Amazon reflected a partial shipment. Here's a screenshot from the first of our tests:

We then shipped the other half of the order. In both cases, Amazon then updated to show a fully shipped order. Here is a screenshot from the first of our tests:

In conclusion, we've found that splitting orders in ShippingEasy should result in multiple updates back to Amazon as each portion is shipped.

What I'd like to find out from you is how your process differs from the one I've described above. If you are not seeing the same behavior, then we'll want to be sure to identify and resolve the problem.


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