Why is the weight incorrect in ShippingEasy for my Amazon products?

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Products created in Amazon are determined according to their Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). Almost every product on Amazon has its own ASIN – a unique code used to identify products.

There are instances where the product you have listed is also listed and sold by other Amazon sellers and the weight imported for that product ASIN may differ to the weight you have entered for the product. It appears Amazon is using an average weight for the product based on those who sell it.

It should be noted that even though Amazon is using an average weight, you may see the weight pull in as 0 (zero). This has to do with the way Amazon stores data for duplicate items that unfortunately sellers are unable to affect when entering their own items in. 

The Product Catalog in ShippingEasy can be configured to automatically assign the correct weight to the products. You are also able to override the weight on these shipments from the READY TO SHIP page. 

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