What is throttling and why does it delay Amazon order updates?

What is throttling?

The Amazon API has a quota on the number of requests a third party can make during a certain time frame. This is called “throttling” and the number of requests they allow is low.

Why does throttling create a delay from when I ship my Amazon order and to my store being updated?

When you batch or process a large number of shipments, each shipment update to your store requires a request to be made. To avoid throttling, we will capture all of your shipment information and send it back to Amazon in one single request at 20-minute intervals.

What happens if ShippingEasy sends too many requests too quickly?

If ShippingEasy exceeds the number of requests allowed in the specified time period, it will cause Amazon to lock your account. In turn, this means that your store will disconnect from ShippingEasy for a few minutes. It will show as disconnected on the STORES & ORDERS page. Then it will automatically reconnect once Amazon gives it time to reload. While your store is disconnected, ShippingEasy will not send or receive order updates. 

As a consequence of delaying updates, orders in SHIPMENT HISTORY may perpetually show the '"retry order update" icon. For Amazon orders, the "retry order update" icon does not necessarily indicate that the order failed to update. Rather, it means that the order did not immediately update. If you're unsure, please wait at least 20 minutes after purchasing the label, then check the status of the order on Amazon. It should show as shipped. If not, try using the Retry Orders Update Button.

Can I accidentally exceed the requests quota?

Yes, this can occur in a number of places in the ShippingEasy app.

  • If you press Sync with Store too many times on the ORDERS page.
  • If you Retry Order Updates too frequently on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.
  • If multiple people view your STORES & ORDERS page at once.
  • If you view STORES & ORDERS page or the Amazon Edit store settings page too many times in a short period. 


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