Video: Integrate 3dcart with ShippingEasy

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ShippingEasy provides support for 3dcart, a popular eCommerce solution. This video gives you step-by-step instructions for integrating your 3dcart store with ShippingEasy via 3dcart's REST API. 

Important information for existing ShippingEasy subscribers using the 3dcart (legacy) SOAP API:

3dcart will be discontinuing support for the SOAP API in 2016. Learn more about these changes.

In order to continue using ShippingEasy with 3dcart, existing integrations will need to be migrated over to 3dcart's REST API. Before following the integration video below, please be sure to closely follow these steps to avoid duplicate orders.

At time 1:40 you will be prompted to enter the following ShippingEasy Public Key:



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