How to: Manage Eleventh Avenue orders that were placed before integrating my store

IMPORTANT: only orders placed after you integrate your Eleventh Avenue store with ShippingEasy will automatically load into ShippingEasy.  Once shipped, order tracking numbers will automatically update back to Eleventh Avenue. Learn more about using Eleventh Avenue with ShippingEasy.

This guide is intended to help manage Eleventh Avenue orders placed before integrating your Eleventh Avenue account with ShippingEasy.


If you have existing orders in your store at the time you integrated your Eleventh Avenue store with ShippingEasy, you can import those orders using these steps:

  1. Export a CSV file from Eleventh Avenue.
  2. Quickly add orders to your ShippingEasy account by uploading the CSV file to ShippingEasy.
  3. Purchase and print your labels.
  4. Export the order tracking numbers back to the original CSV file and upload the data to Eleventh Avenue.

How to: Export the CSV file from Eleventh Avenue

  1. Login to your Eleventh Avenue seller dashboard.
  2. Select Deals.
  3. Then select Unshipped.
  4. Click the Ship Now button.
  5. Under the middle column titled "Unshipped Order Items", select CSV Format.
  6. Save the file to your computer.

How to: Upload orders to ShippingEasy

  1. Go to the ORDERS page and click the Upload Orders link to import the CSV file to ShippingEasy.
  2. Select your CSV file via the Browse button, then click the Upload file button to upload.
  3. Map the columns in the file to match the columns in ShippingEasy. We recommend mapping the "Deal ID" to the "SKU" column to make the tracking import back into Eleventh Avenue easier.

    Additionally, you may want to save the mapped fields as "Eleventh Avenue " so we will populate the fields more easily for you the next time you upload a Eleventh Avenue file.

    Click Continue when finished.
  4. You may have to edit some of the orders to complete the upload. These orders will be brought to the top of the page and flagged in a yellow color. As soon as you've corrected the errors, you'll be able to click the blue Complete Upload button.
  5. Once the orders have been uploaded, you may have to refresh the ORDERS page to see the orders.

How to: Locate your manually uploaded orders

Use the "Store" filter on the left side and select the Manual Orders store.

TIP: if you've uploaded multiple deals, you can use the Search bar in the top left, to locate only those orders containing the item you're wanting to ship. Learn more about filtering your orders and take a look at our other filtering tips.

How to: Purchase and print your postage

How to: Export and upload your tracking numbers back to Eleventh Avenue

After you've printed all the labels for your orders, you can export the tracking numbers for uploading back into Eleventh Avenue, using the steps below:

  1. Go to the ORDERS page and click the Upload Orders link.
  2. Click the "Upload History" tab.

  3. Locate the original CSV file and click the green Generate button.

  4. When the tracking numbers have finished loading, click the Download button to download the CSV file back to your computer.

  5. On your Eleventh Avenue deal, choose the button to upload the tracking. Now you'll be able to map the fields to the correct column headers in the revised CSV file.
  6. The "Deal ID" will map to the "SKU" based on your mapping, or you can scroll down the list of your live deals and choose the corresponding Deal ID if you missed that step above.
  7. Choose to Save and the tracking numbers will import to the corresponding orders.


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