How to use ShippingEasy with Sears is a leading marketplace for selling your products. ShippingEasy has support for receiving your orders from Sears and shipping those orders to your customers.

How does it work?

Periodically ShippingEasy will automatically read orders from your Sears account and load them into your ShippingEasy account. After you login to ShippingEasy and ship the orders, ShippingEasy will automatically update those orders in your Sears account.

How do I configure the Sears support in ShippingEasy? 

A step-by-step guide to installation and configuration of our Sears support is available here.

How are order status values mapped from Sears to ShippingEasy?

In Sears, an order that has a status value of New or Overdue will be mapped to Awaiting Fulfillment in ShippingEasy. Sears orders with a status of Open will be mapped to either Awaiting Shipment or Partially Shipped in ShippingEasy.

If an order is cancelled at Sears, does it get automatically removed from ShippingEasy?

Unfortunately, no.  The software that Sears makes available to third-parties like ShippingEasy does not support providing any type of updated information about an order.

Is a product's weight brought in from Sears to ShippingEasy?

Unfortunately, the Sears software does not provide weight information.

Is a product's warehouse location brought in from Sears to ShippingEasy?

Not at this time. If a standard attribute for warehouse location becomes available we would be very interested in adding support for that feature.

Which order number is displayed?

There are multiple numbers for each Sears order.  The customer receives a confirmation number; in the example below, 724519257. In addition, Sears assigns two purchase order numbers, in the example below, 1401900 and 201409041401900.

The shorter purchase order number is more convenient, but is not guaranteed to be unique. In the documentation for their software, Sears mandates that third party software providers like ShippingEasy should only use the longer purchase order number, so it will be displayed in the ShippingEasy user interface.

 Is the shipment cost sent back to Sears?

No. The tracking number and carrier are sent back and are displayed in the Sears user interface, but Sears does not support shipment cost.

What values are used for Ship Method?

There are only four values allowed: Ground, Priority, Express, or Pickup. These do not match precisely with the various carrier service offerings provided in ShippingEasy. The Sears software requires ShippingEasy to specify one of those four values, however, so our integration maps the selected service to either Ground, Priority, or Express. Overnight and expedited services are specified as Express.  Two to three day services are specified as Priority. All other services are specified as Ground.

How is an order with multiple recipients handled?

Sears creates multiple orders when the customer specifies multiple shipping addresses, so each of those individual orders will be brought into ShippingEasy.,

If I integrate ShippingEasy with Sears, where will shipping notifications to my customers be sent from? 

When it comes to integrating Sears and sending Shipping Confirmation e-mails, you have a couple of options. By default, ShippingEasy will send shipment confirmation emails, but if you prefer to use the notification emails sent by Sears, you can disable the emails sent by ShippingEasy. Just uncheck the highlighted boxes in the ShippingEasy settings for your Sears store:

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