How to use Stitch Labs with ShippingEasy

NOTICE: ShippingEasy support for Stitch Labs will end on June 30th, 2020. We recommend merchants using Stitch Labs integrate their store with our partner company, ShipStation.

Stitch Labs is a leading platform for managing your product inventory levels across multiple marketplaces and shopping carts. ShippingEasy has support for receiving your orders from Stitch Labs and shipping those orders to your customers.

How does it work?

Periodically ShippingEasy will automatically read orders from your Stitch Labs account and load them into your ShippingEasy account. After you login to ShippingEasy and ship the orders, ShippingEasy will automatically update those orders in your Stitch Labs account.

Will all my Stitch Labs orders pull into ShippingEasy?

No, only orders that have an invoice will download into ShippingEasy.  In addition, the orders must be in one or more of the following statuses:

  • Not Paid
  • Partially Shipped
  • Packed
  • Not Been Packed

How are order status values mapped from Stitch Labs to ShippingEasy?

In Stitch Labs, an order can have multiple status values, all at the same time.


In ShippingEasy an order has only one status value at a time. ShippingEasy populates order information from your Stitch Labs store to the following statuses on on the ORDERS page.

Stitch Labs status ShippingEasy status
Not Paid Awaiting Payment
Partially Shipped Partially Shipped
Packed Awaiting Shipment
Not Been Packed Awaiting Fulfillment

How does the flow of information work with Stitch Labs?

Stitch Labs acts as an intermediary between your selling channels and ShippingEasy. This means that when you integrate Stitch Labs into ShippingEasy you will be able access all of the orders that have been placed on your individual sales platforms. There is no need to integrate your stores directly with ShippingEasy as they will already be synced into Stitch Labs.

Below is a detailed explanation of what and how the information flows between the applications. Note, in our example we'll use BigCommece, but the approach would be the same regardless of the selling platform.

  1. An order is entered into BigCommerce (or any other integrated store platform).
  2. After the order is placed, the order information is passed from BigCommerce to Stitch Labs.
  3. The order information is then passed from Stitch Labs to ShippingEasy so that it can be shipped.
  4. After the order has been processed in ShippingEasy, the shipping and tracking information is passed back to Stitch Labs.
  5. Finally, Stitch Labs will notify BigCommerce and update it with the shipping and tracking information for the order. The information passed back to the integrated store platform will vary based on the platform.

If my online store is already integrated with ShippingEasy, how do I use the integration with Stitch Labs?

If you are integrating ShippingEasy to a shopping platform that Stitch Labs also supports, there is no need for you to have both Stitch Labs and ShippingEasy connected to that platform. Stitch Labs is the "hub" between your shipping solution and your online stores. You can disconnect ShippingEasy from your store platform once you've connected your ShippingEasy account to Stitch Labs.

IMPORTANT: having both your online store platform and Stitch Labs connected to ShippingEasy will cause duplicate orders in ShippingEasy.

Can orders from ShippingEasy that come from a channel Stitch Labs does not support still be pushed to Stitch Labs in order to manage inventory?

Unfortunately not. The orders need to pass through Stitch Labs and then be passed into ShippingEasy. If you use a platform that Stitch Labs does not support yet, you would need to put the order into Stitch Labs manually for it to flow into ShippingEasy.

Which order number is displayed in ShippingEasy?

Stitch Labs assigns a unique order number to each order that it downloads from the stores you have integrated with your Stitch Labs account. The Stitch Labs order ID number is displayed in ShippingEasy in the readily visible "Order Number" column. However, there is an optional column called "Alternate Order Number" - for StitchLabs orders it displays the order number from the underlying market (Amazon, eBay, etc.).

Does ShippingEasy display the market name for an order?

Yes, there is an optional column called "Sales Channel" that displays the underlying market name (Amazon, eBay, etc) for each Stitch Labs order.

Are manual orders brought into ShippingEasy from Stitch Labs?

Yes, if you enter a manual order into Stitch Labs, the integration will bring it into ShippingEasy.

NOTE: there are specific fields in the Stitch Labs Contact that must be populated.
  • The Contact's value for "Attn" will be used for the first and last name in the shipping address.
  • The Contact must contain at least one entry in its People section.

When ShippingEasy updates my shipped orders, will my packing slips in Stitch Labs be updated?

If you have selected the option in Stitch Labs to have Stitch Labs automatically create a packing slip when the order arrives from the store, then YES! ShippingEasy will update the existing packing slip.

If I integrate ShippingEasy with Stitch Labs, where will shipping notifications to my customers be sent from?

When it comes to integrating Stitch Labs and sending Shipping Confirmation e-mails, you have a couple of options. Please read through these selections and choose the one that works best for your company:

  1. You can choose to have Stitch Labs notify your store so that the Shipping Confirmation e-mail will be sent directly from the store.
  2. You can choose ShippingEasy to send customer email notifications.
    NOTE: if you select this option, all of your customers will receive the same email notification as configured in your ShippingEasy store settings for Stitch Labs.

Either way, the shipping notifications will be triggered automatically; but to prevent multiple e-mails from being sent to your customers, you’ll want to select only one of the options described above.

If I send a FedEx or UPS multibox shipment, will all of the tracking numbers be sent to Stitch Labs for the order?

No, only one tracking number is sent to Stitch Labs on a multi box shipment. We only send tracking information for "Package 1".

Does ShippingEasy pull the warehouse information assigned to an order in Stitch Labs?

Yes, that information is automatically loaded into Custom Field 1 in ShippingEasy. Learn more about Custom Fields.

Why do my orders show duplicate listings of product options?

By default, product options are synced when your orders download from Stitch Labs. However, if a setting is checked in your ShippingEasy store settings, then the product options will pull in twice. To uncheck this option:

  2. Under your Stitch Labs store, click Edit store settings.
  3. In the "Products" tab, uncheck the option to Display Product Options.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save the changes.

Future orders that sync will only display one copy of the product options.

If I have Shopify connected to Stitch Labs, will Order Tags sync into ShippingEasy?

Order tags are only supported to sync from Shopify. These will not sync from Stitch Labs.

If Order Tags are an important part of your work flow, consider connecting Shopify directly to ShippingEasy, and disconnecting Shopify from Stitch Labs. Keep in mind that connecting Shopify to both Stitch Labs and ShippingEasy will result in duplicate orders. Learn more about connecting Shopify directly with ShippingEasy.

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