How to use ShippingEasy with PayPal

Paypal, one of the internet's largest payment processors, integrates directly with ShippingEasy.  If you are using PayPal to process payments or invoices from stores or websites that are not directly supported by ShippingEasy, you can use ShippingEasy's PayPal support to bring those transactions into ShippingEasy as orders.

ShippingEasy will automatically send queries to read the transactions from your Paypal account and then load them into our application. To integrate your Paypal store with ShippingEasy, follow our step-by-step guide

Click through the sections below to find more details on how Paypal works with ShippingEasy.

Syncing transactions

Once Paypal is integrated with ShippingEasy, transactions that have occurred will begin to appear on the ORDERS page. The following are frequently asked questions about syncing transactions from Paypal to ShippingEasy.

How often are my transactions synced from Paypal to ShippingEasy?

By default, ShippingEasy will sync with your store hourly to pull in any new transactions.

How do I get existing Paypal transactions synced to my new ShippingEasy account?

You can manually add these transactions. Learn how to manually add one-by-one or via a CSV file.

Are all transactions sent from my PayPal account to ShippingEasy?

No. Only Transactions (Payments Received) and Invoices are brought into ShippingEasy. Transactions come from outside sources (such as stores like Shopify) into PayPal and Invoices are generated inside PayPal.

ShippingEasy will sync the following statuses:

How are transaction status values mapped from Paypal to ShippingEasy?
PayPal Status ShippingEasy Status
Transaction Statuses
Completed Awaiting Shipment
Failed Awaiting Payment
On hold Awaiting Payment
In-Progress Awaiting Payment
Pending Awaiting Payment
Paid Awaiting Shipment
Partially Refunded Awaiting Shipment
Placed Awaiting Payment
Transactions with the following statuses will be cleared from ShippingEasy:
Canceled, Denied, Refunded, Refused, Reversed
Invoice Statuses
Sent Awaiting Payment
Paid Awaiting Shipment
MarkedAsPaid Awaiting Shipment
Partially Refunded Awaiting Shipment
Invoices with the following statuses will be cleared from ShippingEasy:
Canceled, Refunded, MarkedAsRefunded
What happens if I click Sync on the ShippingEasy ORDERS page?

The Sync link prompts ShippingEasy to pull through transactions in an approved status. If your store is set up for automatic downloads, selecting the Sync link will download transactions since the last time a sync completed.

A sync is run automatically each night and can be run manually using the Sync link.

If you have disabled the automatic download, you must use Sync to download your transactions. It can take 15-20 minutes to populate after selecting Sync. Learn more about disabling automatic downloads.

Editing Transactions and Shipments

ShippingEasy can recognize when certain changes have been made to a transaction in your store. For a complete overview, check out our FAQs on the topic. The following are frequently asked questions specific to Paypal transactions that are still on the ORDERS page.

Will my Paypal transactions update when I change the recipient's address?

Yes, if you change the recipient address for a transaction in Paypal, that change will update in ShippingEasy during each automatic sync once per hour or via a manual sync, using the Sync button in the ORDERS page. Learn more about manually syncing here.

Transactions will NOT update if:
  • The order is moved from the ORDERS page and later returned. Orders must remain on the ORDERS page to receive updates via the API during an automatic sync.
  • If you manually adjust transactions in ShippingEasy (add a line item, remove a line item, edit address), we consider ShippingEasy to be the main source of information and will not check for updates within Paypal on future store syncs.

Shipment Changes and Updates to PayPal

No information is sent back to PayPal from ShippingEasy. PayPal only supports the addition of shipment information via the PayPal browser-based user interface. PayPal does not currently support automatic shipment updates from another system like ShippingEasy.

Product Information

ShippingEasy displays your product information on the ORDERS page, where you can customize what information you see. Learn more about customizing the ORDERS page.

What product information from Paypal is displayed in ShippingEasy?

The following product details are displayed in ShippingEasy:

  • SKUs: For Payments received, if the PayPal payment transaction includes an Item Number then it will be displayed as the SKU in ShippingEasy. Since PayPal's Invoices do not include product SKU, ShippingEasy cannot display SKUs for PayPal Invoices.
  • Gift messages: ShippingEasy displays gift messages for PayPal transactions. This is not supported for invoices. Learn how to process gift orders.

The following information is NOT displayed in ShippingEasy:

  • Requested shipping method: Since PayPal's transactions do not capture shipment specific information like requested shipping method, it cannot be displayed in ShippingEasy.
  • Foreign currencies: PayPal transactions that are in any currency other than US dollars will not be brought into ShippingEasy.
  • Product weights: Since PayPal's transactions do not include product weight, it cannot be displayed in ShippingEasy.
  • Product Options: Since PayPal's transactions do not include product options, they cannot be displayed in ShippingEasy.
  • Warehouse locations: Since PayPal's transactions do not include product location, it cannot be displayed in ShippingEasy.
Why is the time on my PayPal invoices displayed incorrectly in ShippingEasy?

While PayPal does display an exact time in its user interface, it does not make that time available to ShippingEasy when we download information about an invoice. So we have to assume that all invoices were entered at midnight on the date provided by PayPal.

What PayPal order reference number will ShippingEasy display?

PayPal assigns two reference numbers to orders: invoice numbers (invoice) and invoice ID (transaction). ShippingEasy will display the invoice number.

Email Notifications

Paypal automatically sends shipment confirmation emails to your customer once their order has been shipped. Return label emails can be automatically sent to customers if they have included an email address with their order. Learn more about automatically sending prepaid return labels.

Customer Marketing

ShippingEasy offers a Customer Marketing solution to help build and grow relationships with your customers. Customer Marketing can be added to your ShippingEasy subscription at any time. A Customer Marketing subscription is managed by selecting a tier which determines how many emails you can send each month. Learn more about email credits.

Troubleshooting tips

The following are common issues and resolutions that can occur with ShippingEasy’s Paypal integration.

How do I prevent duplicate orders from being pulled in from PayPal?

ShippingEasy's PayPal integration is intended for bringing orders into ShippingEasy from selling platforms that ShippingEasy does not currently support with a direct integration. Duplicate orders occur if you are using PayPal to process payments on your own custom web site and you are also using PayPal to process payments for a store we integrate with, for example, Shopify.

To prevent duplicate PayPal orders in ShippingEasy, you need to set up an email address in PayPal that is only used for the selling platforms that are not directly supported by ShippingEasy, and then filter for that email address only. Follow these steps to add an email address to your PayPal account and set the email filter in ShippingEasy.

To add an email address to your PayPal account:
  1. Click the gear icon in the top right corner:
  2. Click Update to add a new email address:
  3. Click the Add button and specify an additional email address:
  4. Configure your selling platforms that are not directly integrated with ShippingEasy to use the new email address that you created for your PayPal account.
Filter for Paypal email in ShippingEasy:
  1. In the ShippingEasy, navigate to SETTINGS and locate your PayPal store and click "Edit store settings".
  2. Click on the "Orders" tab and specify that new email address in the Filter Orders by Email:


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