How to: Integrate Spark Pay® Online Store (AmeriCommerce) with ShippingEasy

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Spark Pay® Online Store, formerly known as AmeriCommerce, is a leading eCommerce solution. Whether you're brand new to ShippingEasy or have an existing account, it's easy to integrate your Spark Pay® Online Store (AmeriCommerce) with ShippingEasy! 

Use this guide to connect your Spark Pay® Online Store (AmeriCommerce). Click here to add a Spark Pay® Online Store (AmeriCommerce) to your existing ShippingEasy account.

If you are registering a ShippingEasy account for the first time:

  1. When registering your ShippingEasy account, expand the Platform menu and select AmeriCommerce. You will be immediately prompted for your Spark Pay® Online Store (AmeriCommerce) credentials.

  2. Click here to skip to the next step.


If you are connecting your Spark Pay® Online Store (AmeriCommerce) to an existing ShippingEasy account:

  1. Navigate to the SETTINGS tab and click on the STORES & ORDERS page under the INTEGRATION section. 

  2. Once there, click on the the + Add New button on the side of the screen.

  3. From the Platform drop down menu, select AmeriCommerce. You need two pieces of information from your Spark Pay® Online Store (AmeriCommerce) - the Store Domain address of your store and your account's Access token.


Continue on once you are prompted for your Spark Pay® Online Store (AmeriCommerce) credentials.

  1. In the Store Domain field, type the URL to your store, without the https:// at the beginning.


  2. To get the Spark Pay® Online Store (AmeriCommerce) Access token, open another browser window and login to your Spark Pay® Online Store (AmeriCommerce) account. 

  3. Click the Tools link in the lower-left corner.
  4. In the Tools menu, click the entry for Apps & Addons:
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click the entry for API Apps & Integrations.
  6. Click the New button in the upper-right corner:
  7. Type in "ShippingEasy" for the App Name and enter "Shipping" for the App Description. Then click Next.
  8. Under the entry for "OAuth2 Flow", click Select:
  9. Click Finish in the upper right corner.
  10. If you only have one Spark Pay® Online Store (AmeriCommerce) store, click here to skip to the next step.

    However, if you have multiple Spark Pay® Online Stores (AmeriCommerce), you have two options at this point:
    • Integrate each store with ShippingEasy individually.  This will give you maximum control over your order management.  Just use the steps to connect an existing store, using a unique URL for each store.
    • Configure all your orders from all your Americommerce websites to come into ShippingEasy as a single store.  If you prefer this option, follow these additional steps:
      1. On the row for ShippingEasy, click the icon for Edit - it has an arrow on it.

      2. Check the box for Tokens Access All Stores and then click Save.
  11. On the row for ShippingEasy, click the icon for Access Tokens - it looks like a head and shoulders drawing.

  12. Click New.
  13. Click the check boxes for all of the following permissions.

    People Permissions:
        View customer, user, or profile data

    Orders Permissions:
       View and change order data

    Catalog Permissions:
       View catalog data

    Other Permissions:
       View and change configuration settings
       Perform System Tasks
       Stay logged in without expiration

  14. Click the Save button:
  15. The newly created token is shown at the top of the list of tokens; click the magnifying glass icon.

  16. Copy the Access token value from Spark Pay® Online Store (AmeriCommerce).

  17. Paste it into ShippingEasy.


  18. Click the Save button and you're done!  



If you have multiple Spark Pay® Online Stores (AmeriCommerce), and chose to integrate each individually, click here to return to the first step for integrating a store with an existing ShippingEasy account.


If you run into any problems, feel free to reach out to our Support Team.  

  • New accounts still in the registration process will see a link with our email address listed under the integration video.
  • Paid subscribers, who have already set up their ShippingEasy account, will see links to email, call, or chat on the blue navigation menu in app.  
  • Anyone can post questions in our Community forum and our team will be happy to assist.


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