Print postage using NetStamps from | How To allows you to print single stamp postage on sheets or rolls via their NetStamps system. Follow these steps to print your postage.

How to: print postage using NetStamps from

  1. Select the Mail Tab.

  2. In the Print On Drop Down menu select Stamps.

  3. In the upper right corner of every NetStamps sheet is a serial number. The serial number lets Stamps software set the style and format of your NetStamps.


    Enter the Serial Number of your NetStamps label sheet.

  4. Choose whether to have calculate the amount of postage or specify the postage value for each NetStamp yourself.

  5.  For International Postage, use the drop down menu to select the country you are mailing to.

  6. automatically sets the weight at 1 ounce, which is about equal to a letter with 5 pages. If you think your envelope may weigh more than one ounce place it on your scale.

  7. Use the Service drop down menu to select the USPS service you will be using.

  8. Choose the number of NetStamps you would like to print or select the Print All box to print an entire sheet.

  9. Enter a Reference Number and/or select a Cost Code to track your postage expenses.

  10. Load your blank NetStamps sheet in your printer. NetStamps sheets are symmetrical and can be loaded from either end but you must determine which side of the paper your printer prints on, the Top or the Bottom. Most printers have icons showing which side of the paper is printed on.

  11. When you are comfortable with your printer, load your NetStamps Label sheet into your printer, then Click Print Postage.

Congratulations! You have just printed your own postage stamps with Online.



So printed stamps are more expensive than just buying stamps from the Post Office, or am I missing something?  8 sheets of 24 stamps from Endicia - $14.95 ($0.078 per stamp), but there's only a $0.03 per stamp discount, so I'm paying almost 5 cents more per stamp?

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Hi Derek,

Thank you for your message.  I'd be glad to assist you today.

Using Dymo Printable Stamps, what are you selecting for type of mail piece and also postage value?

We typically see the discount of 3 cents per stamp for Letter Envelope/First Class as the price there is $0.46 and the retail price is $0.49.

Once I have further information about your selections, I can advise further.




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Hi Melody,

Yes, I'm just asking about standard 1st class letter stamps--$0.46 from Endicia vs. $0.49 at the post office, but with Endicia I'm spending another $.08 per stamp on materials?

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Hi Derek,

Thanks for the clarification!

You are correct that postage stamp sheet printing requires USPS-approved DYMO Printable Postage Stamp Sheets.  It's possible you might find compatible labels to use with the Dymo software on other sites.  I recommend doing an Internet search in order to shop around.

Some business owners may find the convenience of printing in their home office offsets the costs of the materials such as the stamp sheets and ink and others may not.  That's a call you will have to make for your business.

If you have any other questions arise, please feel free to post in our Community Forums.  More about doing that can be found here:  How can I post to the forum?

Happy Shipping!

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I printed a 46 cent stamp but now realize I need 21 cents more how can I print a 21 cent stamp? or how cna I print custom stamp amopunts with my dymo?

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Hi Ken,

Thank you for your message.

For a 21 cent stamp, you can choose "Make Your Own" under the Select postage value heading.  Once you choose Make Your Own, then a pop-up screen comes up where you can input the amount then click Ok.

I hope that helps!

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