How to: Schedule a USPS pickup for my packages

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Once you've had all of your packages picked up at your warehouse or residence shipping will never be the same. For your convenience, USPS provides a package pickup service with Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express and any international services. This gives you the option to schedule a carrier to pick your packages up from your business or residence, including any First Class packages you have as well. Even better, ShippingEasy has integrated this tool with the carrier options on the READY TO SHIP page.

While USPS provides options to schedule a package pick up from, shipments processed via ShippingEasy can also be set up for an on-site pick up from within the app.

How to: Schedule a USPS pick-up for your packages within ShippingEasy

IMPORTANT: a phone number is required to successfully schedule the pick-up. Follow these steps to verify you have a phone number on file or update the information with one.

Once you have the phone number entered, you can follow these steps to schedule the pick-up:

  1. With an order selected on the READY TO SHIP page, make your Carrier Selections, including the Carrier (USPS), Carrier Service (Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express or any international service), Packaging, and Weight.
    NOTE: It is not currently possible to schedule a USPS pickup for First Class Package Service shipments only, in ShippingEasy. We recommend using the Schedule a Pickup page, when needing only First Class Package shipments to be picked up.
  2. Adjust the Ship date to the next business day. The option to Request a Pick Up will appear.
    NOTE: if this option doesn't appear, confirm that you have selected an eligible Carrier Service (ie. Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express or any international service) and that the Ship date is properly advanced.
    There will be a note indicating if the wrong Ship date is selected.
  3. Simply tick the box and your request will be sent to USPS.

When scheduling a pickup, ShippingEasy sends a request to USPS to have your mail carrier come to your door to pick up packages whenever they usually come to your address, instead of only dropping mail off.


How to: Schedule a USPS package pickup at

There are two main ways to schedule a USPS package pickup:

  • During your usual mail delivery time: Free Package Pickup service schedules a pickup for the next delivery day or a designated day of your eligible packages at the same time your mail is delivered by your letter carrier. Packages eligible for this service are:
    • Priority Mail Express® items
    • Priority Mail® items
    • First-Class Package Service-Commercial™ items
    • International or returns items
    There is no limit to the number of packages that can be left for Package Pickup. The service is available in most zip codes nationwide. To check on availability, and for additional information, visit Package Pickup at
  • Scheduling a specific pickup time: Paid Pickup on Demand® service is a time-sensitive pick-up service for when you need to have packages picked up on a specific date in a specific timeframe. A pickup fee is charged per trip (regardless of the number of items scheduled for pickup). For more information on how Pickup on Demand® works, visit

To schedule your pick up, use the USPS official Schedule a Pickup page and fill out all of the necessary information.

Some tips when scheduling a pickup:

  • Schedule your pickup before midnight of the day you want your items picked up and make any final edits before 2:00AM CST.
  • Know the estimate of how many packages you'll have picked up and their combined weight.
  • Make sure your First Class labels are First Class Package labels, regular First Class Mail doesn't qualify for pickup. Although your postal carrier might still pick them up regardless of this error, it cannot be guaranteed.


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