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If you are tired of continually entering a package and service type, you quickly can save your preferred service and package types to use for future shipments. Shipping Presets will allow you to select pre-saved package and service types wherever you ship.

Shipping Presets can be accessed from various pages in ShippingEasy:

Expand the section below that matches the method you prefer to use when shipping.

Access Shipping Presets on the ORDERS page

From the ORDERS page

The "Shipping Selection" column shows which carrier and service are currently assigned to the order. Clicking the V menu will display a list of your favorite Shipping Presets. Learn more about selecting favorite Shipping Presets.


Access Shipping Presets on the READY TO SHIP page

The READY TO SHIP page gives you the most control over the carrier selections for each shipment. Shipping Presets can be used to quickly assign the carrier, service, and packaging to the shipment. Find all of your Shipping Presets in the Shipping Selection Preset menu.



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