How to: Save my Carrier Selections for future shipments

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Shippers who regularly send out similar packages can take advantage of time-saving features like "Saved Selections" on the READY TO SHIP or ORDERS page.

ShippingEasy has 13 preset saved carrier selections on all accounts created after January 8, 2019. These default saved selections are for USPS domestic and international shipments, however you can save your own preferred service and package types to use for future shipments.

If you're preparing for a rush of orders, take a look at our seasonal selling tips for identifying and saving carrier selections.

To save your shipment selections for future use:

  1. From the ORDERS page, send an order to the READY TO SHIP page. Learn more.
    NOTE: you'll need to create a shipment in order to access your carrier accounts' services; however, you do not need to ship the order or purchase the label to create the Saved Carrier Selection. Once you've finished setting it up, just remove the order from the READY TO SHIP page and ship it later or clear it. Learn more.
  2. From the SHIPMENTS tab, select READY TO SHIP.

  3. On the READY TO SHIP page, select one combination of Carrier, Carrier Service and Packaging that made your list. Learn more.

    NOTE: You can create a custom package that includes the specific weights and dimensions that can be part of a saved selections. Learn more.
    Keep in mind that if package dimensions and saved packages are entered on READY TO SHIP, both will be saved
  4. On the right hand side of the "Carrier Selections" section, locate "Save Selections" and check the box by Save my Carrier Selections for future use

    save selections for future use.PNG

  5. A dialog box will appear. Assign a name to your carrier selections.
    If you'd like this to be your default option when an order is loaded on the READY TO SHIP page, check the box Make Default? 

    If you'd like to assign a keyboard shortcut, select from the available list. The selected shortcut will choose these carrier selections on the READY TO SHIP page.
    NOTE: separate carrier selections and defaults will need to be made for International and Domestic shipments. So, if you've selected your default on a domestic order, then orders will only default for domestic orders, etc.


That's it - your Carrier Selection will now be saved for future use! If you think that's great, we recommend learning more about saving your custom packages, too.


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