Save my Shipping Presets for Future Shipments | How To

Shippers who regularly send out similar packages can take advantage of time-saving features like Shipping Presets on the ORDERS or READY TO SHIP page.

ShippingEasy has 13 shipping presets already configured on all accounts created after January 8, 2019. These default shipping presets are for USPS domestic and international shipments, however, you can save your own preferred service and package types to use for future shipments.

If you are preparing for a rush of orders, check out seasonal selling tips for identifying and saving carrier selections.

Save Presets on the ORDERS page

  1. Click on ORDERS.
  2. Click the drop-down in the Shipping Selection and scroll down to select Edit Shipping Presets.
  3. Continue to Step 3 in the next section to complete the SHIPPING PRESETS page setup. 

Save Presets on the SHIPPING PRESETS page

There are a few distinct advantages to saving presets on the dedicated SHIPPING PRESETS page:

  • Add presets anytime
  • It is easy to select and sorting favorites, and assign shortcuts
  • Do all your shipping from the ORDERS page and skip the READY TO SHIP page altogether
  1. Click on the SETTINGS tab at the top right of the page.
  3. Click New Preset. You will see two tabs for Domestic and International presets. Each account will have 6 domestic and 7 international preset package options already available.
  4. Click on the Domestic or International tab depending on which destination you want to create a new preset option for. Then, click on the Carrier.
  5. Click Add New Package to create a new Shipping Preset. 
  6. Name the package and enter in the dimensions, override weight, or add-to weight if necessary. Then click Save & Continue.
    For even faster shipping, you can add a keyboard shortcut to assign this package on the ORDERS page. Learn more about keyboard shortcuts.
  7. If you are creating a domestic preset that is used frequently, check the box to make it a default. This will override the Instant Rate package selection on the ORDERS page.
  8. Click Create Preset.

Once you have created a new preset, you can assign it to your favorites by clicking the "Star" icon next to the name.
This will allow the shipping preset to appear when using the:

You can also arrange the order of your favorites. Reordering your favorites on the SHIPPING PRESETS page will reflect the order in which they appear on the ORDERS page and elsewhere in-app.

Save Presets on the READY TO SHIP page

Saving presets on the READY TO SHIP page can be beneficial to your workflow in the following ways:

  • Add shipping presets while you are shipping
  • See service pricing while saving shipping presets
  1. From the SHIPMENTS tab, select READY TO SHIP.
  2. Select from the Carrier, Carrier Service, and Packaging drop-down on the READY TO SHIP PAGE. Learn more.
    You can create a custom package that includes the specific weights and dimensions that can be part of shipping presets. Learn how to save a custom package.
    Keep in mind that if package dimensions and saved packages are entered on READY TO SHIP, both will be saved.
  3. On the right-hand side of the "Carrier Services and Packaging" section, locate "Save Shipping Preset" and check the box by Save the selected carrier, service, and packaging for future use.
  4. A dialog box will appear. Assign a name to your carrier selections.
    If you would like this to be your default option when orders are loaded on the READY TO SHIP page, check the box Make Default?

    If you would like to assign a keyboard shortcut, select from the available list. The selected shortcut will choose these carrier selections on the READY TO SHIP page.
    Separate carrier selections and defaults will need to be made for International and Domestic shipments. So, if you have selected your default on domestic orders, then orders will only default for domestic orders, etc.

That's it - your Carrier Services and Packaging will now be saved for future use! If you think that's great, we recommend learning more about saving your custom packages, too.


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