Why do customs form items show as .1 ounce?

Our USPS label server requires each customs form line item be sent with at least a weight of one ounce. When an item weighs less than one ounce, ShippingEasy automatically adjusts it to 0.1 ounce to meet this requirement. Additionally, the total weight of the shipment you are quoted for will be the sum of the customs form line items.

This means that if you have five customs line items, you will be charged for a minimum overall package weight of 0.5 oz.

The best way to work around this limitation is to merge your customs form line items. For example, if you have five T-shirts each listed out as a separate line items, merge these into one line item: Qty 5 called T-shirt.

If you have items such as nuts, bolts, screws, nails & washers – you can merge these under the description of 'Hardware/Fixtures' or create a singe line item with a description of 'nuts, bolts, screws, nails, washers'.

Learn how to add, edit and remove international custom form line items.


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